• Transfers for July 2 to July 9


  • BLANCHE DRIVE 75: $34,000, ASI Federal Credit Union to Creole Home Solutions Inc.


  • ARTHUR LANE 4900: $125,000, Charles L. Belsom and Alison M. Belsom to Bryan M. Herbert.
  • PRIVATEER BLVD. 2508: $50,792, Bourgeios Boys LLC to Joseph X. Pasternostro and Connie O. Pasternostro.


  • LANDER ST. 825: $96,000, Roy R. Abadie to Rebeca Castro.


  • CAMINADA DRIVE 3424: $60,000, Nolan R. Pickering and Gloria R. Pickering to Stumpf Meat Supermarket Inc.
  • GRAND BEACH NO. 7-A SUBDIVISION, LOT 3, SQUARE L: $118,500, Paul Foret and Olivia Foret to Pelican View Properties LLC.
  • LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 1 2460: $305,000, Jacin L. Theis and Danielle C. Theis to Wendell George and Elizabeth L. George.


  • ALISON DRIVE 1533: $156,000, Diana A. Salgado to Lisa W. Laurent.
  • AZALEA DRIVE 11: $80,000, American Home Mortgage Asset Trust 2007-3 Mortgage Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series to Ashton Strohmeyer.
  • CEDARWOOD AVE. 1916: $87,000, Audrey B. LeBlanc to Raisa S. Madngal.
  • DERBIGNY ST. 820: $70,000, GSAMP Trust 2006-HE8 Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series to McDonald Holding LLC.
  • FIRE THORN DRIVE 253: $120,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Levi B. Culton.
  • FIRE THORN DRIVE 253: $101,667, Green Tree Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • GARY COURT 1640: $168,000, 1640 Gary Court LLC to Clark R. Mitchell.
  • HELEN ST. 308-10: $250,000, Deep South Ventures LLC to David M. Willis and Judy P. Willis.
  • LAKE LYNN DRIVE 3628: $285,000, Robert C. Voss and Tara T. Voss to Joseph E. Hebert Jr. and Patty H. Hebert.
  • MATADOR DRIVE 864: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Dominic M. Dominguez.
  • MORNINGSIDE DRIVE 769: $151,000, Gregory J. Volek and Pamela D. Volek to Jean P. Dorlus, Paulette J. P. Dorlus and Marie P. Pierre Dorlus.
  • NEWPORT CIRCLE 697: $81,000, GSAMP Trust 2007-HE2 Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series to Bryan Bissell.
  • NINTH ST. 421: donation, no value stated, Adam M. Goens to Courtney L. Bourgeois.
  • OXFORD PLACE 2425: $55,000, Noel M. Braning to Hoang V. Lam and Rachelle S. Leuterio.
  • OXFORD PLACE 2425, UNIT 133: $65,821, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • PIKE DRIVE 223: $164,000, Vernell C. Emery to Amy L. Longmire.
  • RICHARD ST. 904: $150,000, Joseph Fulgham and Corine L. Fulgham to Tiris F. Moore.


  • AFTON CIRCLE 2: $89,000, Patricia C. Mendoza to John V. H. Hoang and Chi D. Tran.
  • ANGUS DRIVE 1212: $40,000, Bank of New York Mellon to Nuclear Properties LLC.
  • BIRCHFIELD DRIVE 3912: $52,000, Federal National Mortgage Assocaiton to Landus Hall and Melissa Hall.
  • DEERLICK LANE 2336: $127,000, Gravier Street LLC to Juana M. Alcantara.
  • EASTMERE DRIVE 2233: $146,569, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • HAMPTON DRIVE 1912: $160,000, Bryan R. Shur and Ket K. Shur to Mark A. Washington Sr. and Carolyn A. Washington.
  • INWOOD DRIVE 3805: $15,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Ben Scott and Sherone Scott.
  • LOCH LOMAND DRIVE 1152: $26,000, Rita M. Sims Estate to Bic Inc.
  • N. TIMBERS COURT 3827: $130,000, Charles Robinson to Max C. Johnson.
  • NATCHEZ TRACE DRIVE 133: $367,000, John Bender and Donna S. Bender to Gerard J. Ruth Jr. and Merceditha L. Ruth.
  • SOUTH NEW ORLEANS SUBDIVISION, LOT 21, SQUARE 71: donation, no value stated, N&L Investments LLC to Tommy Ngo.
  • TITAN ST. 2017: $165,000, Edgardo B. Abon and Rosie Marilyn R. Abon to Chui W. Lo and Yanxing Chen.


  • AMES FARMS SUBDIVISION, LOT XY1A2: $110,000, DMM Holdings LLC to Paz Joint Ventures LLC.
  • AMES SCHOOL PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 2-A, SQUARE 2: $20,000, CR Properties 2015 LLC to Victor J. Ortiz and Reina G. Ortiz.
  • AVENUE E 608: $87,200, Thomas G. Ashby to Patrick H. Boudreaux and Peggy M. Boudreaux.
  • AVENUE G 625: $79,466, Gregory T. Alario Bergeron to Brad J. Bergeron and Nicole M. Parr Bergeron.
  • AVENUE G 625: $81,256, Brad J. Bergeron and Nicole M. P. Bergeron to Gregory T. Alario Bergeron.
  • BALD EAGLE PARK 4660: $202,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Shane T. Savoie and Laura M. Savoie.
  • BARTON DRIVE 2240: $200,000, Richard J. Aucoin and Clelia B. Aucoin to Paul M. Galaforo Sr.
  • BATISTE DRIVE 2648: $81,300, Succession of Barbara D. Green to Denise Magee.
  • CRESTRIDGE CIRCLE 2512: donation, no value stated, Bryan W. Thomas to Jeanell J. Larry.
  • DOLORES DRIVE 2525: $105,000, Stacy M. B. Savoie to Britney N. Angelona.
  • EISEMAN ST. 613: $40,500, U. S. Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • FRANCIS ST. 1237: $102,000, Myra K. Kennedy to Clint G. Joseph.
  • GOLDEN HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, LOT 5, SQUARE G: $135,000, Firstbank Assets LLC to Adam S. Powell and Aexander K. Sanders.
  • HAYDEL MANOR SUBDIVISION, LOT 45, SQUARE 5: $124,000, Wells Fargo Financial Louisiana Inc. to Tanya M. Foster.
  • JUTLAND DRIVE 1712: $146,900, Thai T. Nguyen and Xuan M. Tran to James E. Jordan.
  • OAK HAVEN DRIVE 2618: $239,000, JBL Properties Ltd. to Lara S. Parsons and Elizabeth A. Koehler.
  • OBERLIN ST. 2981: $66,069, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • PELICAN BAY BLVD. 2624: $172,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Jessica M. Taylor.
  • PETE ST. 4517: $65,500, LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Minh Nguyen and Manh Nguyen.
  • RANDOLPH ST. 5148: $132,000, Tuyet T. Vu to Duc Q. Phi.
  • ROSEDOWN COURT 52: $318,000, Donald J. DeBlanc and Mary L. DeBlanc to Raymond F. Burski Jr. and Diana L. Burski.
  • RUE JESANN 2621: $60,000, Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2005-R5 to Nicky J. Bundy and Malarie M. Bundy.
  • SCHOOL DRIVE 4005: $200,000, Leslie Homes Inc. to Brandon P. Balint and Elizabeth A. Balint.
  • SILVER LILLY LANE 1541: donation, no value stated, Clive W. Pringle to Eardley Barrett and Grace Gidden.
  • TOWERING OAKS 5156: $138,000, John L. Broggi and Julie M. D. Broggi to Lori E. Nino.
  • URBANDALE ST. 544: $108,831, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • WARWICK DRIVE 5212: $55,000, Bank of New York Mellon to William H. Mercier Jr.
  • WEATHERLY PLACE 2560: $175,500, Eric P. Guccione and Monique L. Guccione to Rebecca A. Stansbury.


  • RUE ST. MICHAEL 659: $69,900, Hacienda Construction of Louisiana LLC to Better Quality Homes LLC.


  • LIVE OAK PLANTATION ESTATES, LOT 3, SQUARE F: $80,000, Theron J. Moses and Tedril S. F. Moses to Matthew P. McGehee and Tillie P. McGehee.


  • AVENUE A 945: $120,000, Bank of New York Mellon to Andrew Chauvet.
  • FLORAL ACRES SUBDIVISION, LOT 296, SQUARE 13: $80,000, OWS Reo Trust 2013-1 to Jarvlin Macklin and Zipora Hall.
  • FLORAL SUBDIVISION, LOT 296, SQUARE 13: no value stated, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing to OWS Reo Trust 2013-1.
  • VICTORY DRIVE 862: $99,000, Donna C. Buffone to Kirk B. Optebeke and Jine’ W. Eng.