• Transfers for April 1 to April 9


  • HOMEPLACE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3, LOTS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, SQUARE 5: $110,000, Homeplace III LLC to Klinger Umbrella Manufacturing Co. LLC.
  • URSULA DRIVE 176: $65,000, Barbara Adams to Taylor M. Bernard.


  • FRAN LANE 4920: $130,000, Michael J. Weber to Sal J. Schaffer and Dawn C. Schaffer.
  • PRIVATEER BLVD. 3761: $189,000, Dennis M. McMahon and Lynn A. McMahon to Kathy E. Treadaway and Alvin J. Treadaway Jr..


  • 10TH ST. 212: $84,000, Lisa L. Brown, Myra L. Pritchett, Scott A. Lefort Jr., Janine L. Pierce and Brandon L. Lefort to Carmen Castro.
  • 14TH ST. 120: $23,000, Steve J. Engeron and Hazel E. Knott to Tien T. Pham and Thuy X. Nguyen.
  • COMMERCE ST. 1401: $33,500, Whitney Bank to Adolfo Alfaro.


  • AMARIS BLVD. 1047: $115,000, Amaris Isle Plantation LLC to Alan B. Fortier Jr. and Kristin D. Fortier.
  • BOUDREAUX LANE 124: $40,000, Virginia R. Thayer to Francis P. Richard.
  • BOUGEROL SUBDIVISION, LOT 33-A: $325,000, Michael A. Cambre and Rebekah A. A. Cambre to Cody M. Fortier, Ben J. LeBanc and Olivia D. LeBlanc.
  • CYPRESS LANE 144: $150,000, Robert Woods and Jennifer Woods to Seven Zees LLC.
  • PLUM LANE 128: $148,000, Brian J. Chelette to Donny J. Lerille and Gretchen G. Lerille.
  • W. CENTRAL AVE. 129: $210,000, Webb Cheramie Jr. and Diana C. Cheramie to Mary A. B. Fullilove.


  • AMELIA ST. 1129: $168,000, Jamie L. M. McDonald and Lyle C. McDonald to Patrick A. Hero.
  • BROOKMEADE DRIVE 477: $147,000, Timothy S. Longergan and Mitzi M. Longeran to Chad A. Larkins.
  • CLAIRE AVE. 3036: $130,000, Phan Investments LLC to Joletta Gadsden.
  • COMMERCE ST. 137: $255,000, Russell J. Rawls Jr. and Marisa B. Rawls to Gwendolyn D. Hebert.
  • DEERFIELD ROAD 2121: $40,000, Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Phuong Nguyen.
  • DERBIGNY ST. 415-17: $55,000, Cityside Properties LLC to SMLB Investments LLC.
  • FAIRFIELD AVE. 764: $405,000, Herman A. Heck Jr. and Joan W. Heck to Russell Rawls Jr. and Marisa B. Rawls.
  • GUARDIAN AVE. 2176: $173,500, Jeffrey A. Chrisman and Dianne L. Chrisman to Marica D. Stokes and Marcia W. Stokes.
  • HERITAGE AVE. 817: $155,000, Fredlyn A. Brechtel to Harold Ouder Jr. and Jeanne E. Ouder.
  • HUCKLEBERRY LANE 756: $91,875, MLMI Trust Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-ARI to Nabhan Monem.
  • LAKE LOUISE 1125: $275,000, Stephen J. Faucheaux Sr. and Gwendolyn D. Faucheaux to Khir T. Abdel Jabar.
  • LAKE LOUISE DRIVE 1209: donation, no value stated, Charlie Lee to Yangfang Wei and Xuewei Li.
  • MARIE DRIVE 83: donation, no value stated, Marvin P. Moore and Stelma P. Moore to Gary P. Moore Sr. and Denise M. Moore Babin.
  • MEADOWBROOK ST. 141: $290,000, Patricia O. Hargis to Robert Larriviere and Ryan Glorioso.
  • MYSTIC AVE. 801: $155,000, Eagle Investments Inc. to Fern E. Grayman.
  • NATIONAL AVE. 660: $100,000, Mary Leah A. St. Clair and succession of Joseph P. St. Clair Sr. to Robert Narcisse.
  • PORTER ST. 708-10, MONROE ST. 1900: $115,000, Joseph Batiste III, Kevin Batiste and Corey Batiste to DOBR Properties LLC.
  • RUPP ST. 1104-06: $65,000, Succession of Christopher G. Giustiniano to James K. Davis.
  • TERRY PARKWAY 532: $150,000, Jose E. Coello to Andres G. Bardales Sr. and Aleyda M. Bardales.
  • WILDWOOD ROAD 1: $266,666, Angelina M. Leonovicz and Mario L. Montagnino to Pietro D. Montagnino.
  • WILLOW DRIVE 242: $160,000, RBTM LLC to Virginia E. Hoff.


  • BAYOU OAKS DRIVE 4008: $180,000, Edwin L. Raymond III and Jacqueline P. Raymond to Erica M. Winston.
  • COMMERCIAL DRIVE 1908: $375,000, Tamara Properties LLC to Hai D. Nguyen.
  • DEERPARK DRIVE 4017: $52,000, Soundview Home Loan Trust 2006-EQ1 Asset-Backed Certificates Series to Hiep Doan and Dung K. Nguyen.
  • DELLS COURT 3917: $48,000, Residential Asset Securities Corp. Home Quity Mortgage Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Seris 2007-KS4 to Paul Duhon IV.
  • LAKE POWELL COURT 34: $176,000, Emmett C. Gilbert Jr. to Michael P. Davis and Tyralynn N. Butler.
  • LAKE PROVIDENCE DRIVE 3925: $441,500, Roy M. Bowes and Linda L. Bowes to Muhammad K. Arshad, Nadeem S. Arshad and Zoubida A. Arshad.
  • MARION AVE. 620: $70,000, Justin W. Thibodeaux to Andre J. Dubroc.
  • PAIGE JANETTE DRIVE 2468: $111,700, Larry V. Young and Mary A. Young to Donald L. McLaughlin and Zilda P. McLaughlin.
  • S. VILLAGE GREEN ST. 1943: $74,550, Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates 2006-ARI to Quang Nguyen.
  • TIMBERS DRIVE 2204: $33,000, Dara V. Hammer to Bryan S. Mitchell.
  • TOUCHWOOD DRIVE 3129: $40,200, WMC 2006-HE5 Asset Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2005-HE5 to Lonnie N. Fino.


  • IDA PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $219,500, Ronda L. Bellanger to Cody J. Bellanger and Brittney G. Bellanger.
  • WILLIE MAE DOLAN SUBDIVISION, LOT 14, SQUARE 5: $25,000, Murphy R. Walton Sr. to Robert J. Mayfield and Jacklyn F. Verdin.


  • ACADIANA SUBDIVISION, LOT 37, SQUARE A: $260,000, Janos I. Voros to Zachary W. Barrett and Jessica G. Barrett.
  • ALLO AVE. 1408: $187,000, Brian C. Cheffer and Cynthia C. Cheffer to Bryan M. Bellanger and Brittany N. Hepting.
  • ALLO ST. 1101: $142,000, Dylan C. Boudreaux and Amanda M. M. Boudreaux to Glenda A. Cheramie.
  • AMES FARMS SUBDIVISION, LOT D-101-B-1: $650,000, Lapalco Village Joint Venture to El-Jaouhari LLC.
  • AMES FARMS SUBDIVISION, LOTS D-101-B-2, D-101-B-3: $2,250,000, Lapalco Village Joint Venture to Lapalco Village Center LLC.
  • BELLE TERRE ROAD 5516: $140,000, Anthony J. Scanio and Mary A. S. Monfrey to Robert P. Bourgeois Sr. and Edna J. D. Bourgeois.
  • CRESTRIDGE CIRCLE 2564: donation, no value stated, Wayne T. Breaux Jr. and Amber Aragon to Wayne T. Breaux Jr..
  • CRESTRIDGE CIRCLE 2533: $240,000, Max A. Bourgeois to Jared K. Lefevre.
  • DOREEN LANE 2805: $104,000, Jerry J. Ockmand Jr. and Terrie C. Ockmand to Ryne A. Bundy.
  • HESS DRIVE 7417: $200,000, Johnny H. Nguyen to Huong V. Nguyen and Sang T. Pham.
  • IRONWOOD DRIVE 5541: $61,299, Beneficial Louisiana Inc. to Bob Harris.
  • JORDAN DRIVE 5569: $160,000, James T. Armand and Stacey F. Armand to Michael P. Boye and Lenai St. Amant Boye.
  • JOYCE ST. 926: $106,000, Dale A. Bruce and Enola G. Bruce to Altagracia K. Thomas.
  • LEE PLACE 5104: $55,000, donation, Percy J. Prestenbach Jr. to Angel R. Boyce.
  • LYONS COURT 5092: $58,925, Federal National Mortgage Association to Tony D. Goyette and Angela M. Goyette.
  • MARRERO ROAD 312: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ronald R. Pelas.
  • MICHAEL ST. 1025: $88,425, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • PIN OAK DRIVE 2728: $75,880, Federal National Mortgage Association to Gayle Trosclair.
  • VILLAGE OF MARRERO, LOT 32, PORTION OF LOT 33, SQUARE S: $85,000, HSI Securitization Corp. Trust 2006-WMC1 Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series to Danielle T. Williams.
  • WATTERS DRIVE 2077: $33,500, LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Norelia Reed.


  • BROWNING LANE 2108: $25,000, CWABS Inc. Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-BC4 to Baron Construction LLC.
  • TERRYTOWN NO. 8.SUBDIVISION, LOT 50, SQUARE 131: $149,900, Jeanelle Birchfield to James F. Murphy and Shelley M. Mauterer.


  • HELIS DRIVE 201: $48,000, Succession of Theresa A. Phillip to Zhou H. Hu.
  • MITCHELL ST. 345: $30,000, Argent Securities Inc. Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2006-W2 to Alcide B. Clayton.
  • SWEET BAY LANE 9521: $266,000, Coast Builders LLC to Jeffrey D. Kapelke and Katia E. Kapelke.


  • AVENUE A 919: $44,500, Succession of Sharon A. Fortmayer to Ray Comardelle and Sinda D. Comardelle.
  • AVENUE B 1155: $40,000, Lisa P. Lewis and Gavin J. Para to Brandon M. Para and Lawrence P. Para Jr..
  • AVENUE B 1155: donation, no value stated, Lawrence P. Para Jr. to Brandon M. Para.
  • AVENUE D 1044: $65,000, Dara M. Poche to Aaron P. Poche.
  • AVENUE H 676: $260,000, Victorian A. Pitre II and Mary D. Pitre to Jeffrey E. Elliott.
  • BLUEBELL LANE 8: $32,000, Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-1 Asset-Backed Certificates Series to Victor S. Phillip.
  • LINDEN LOOP 9501: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Eric D. Grover and Felicia M. Harper.
  • LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 90 WEST 2139: $1,190,000, Eagle Investments Inc. to CLS Properties LLC.
  • RIVERSIDE CONDOMINIUM, UNIT 2813-UNIT B, HARLEM SUBDIVISION, LOTS 19, 20, 21, 22, 7-A, 8-A, SQUARES 156, 157: donation, no value stated, Douglas J. Farge and Jolleen L. Farge to Justin J. Farge and Ashley S. Farge.
  • SPRUCE ST. 1216: $53,000, Champion Mortgage Co. to James Buras.
  • WESTBANK EXPRESSWAY 7750: $280,000, Douglas Lee to David K. Nami.
  • WHITEHOUSE SUBDIVISION, LOT 1, SQUARE 11: $25,000, donation, Teena Massony to Donna R. Schouest.
  • WILLARD PLACE 30: donation, no value stated, Audrey B. Wiley to Gwendolyn Bridges.