• Transfers for April 27 to April 30


  • BELETO SUBDIVISION, LOT 3, SQUARE A: $1,000, Patricia T. Legros to Richard Gould III and Jacqueline A. Gould.
  • CHOCTAW DRIVE 425: $239,000, John C. Bordes Jr. and Shannon W. Bordes to David S. Ernest.
  • CRESTWOOD ESTATES, PHASE 2-C, LOT 132: $188,000, Donna Paige Hayes Rivers to Property Four LLC.
  • DIVISION OF ABITA SPRINGS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 2, 3, 4, SQUARE B: $100,000, Frederick J. Corales Jr. and Deborah T. Corales to D&C Brothers LLC.
  • HILLCREST COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES, LOT 7, SQUARE 19: $13,900, Glendale Properties LLC to Jose A. Vidal.
  • SOUTH ABITA SPRINGS SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $26,000, Gray Family Property Inc. to Habitat For Humanity St. Tammany West Inc.


  • BELLE TERRE BLVD. 181: $308,750, Tommie Glenn Krouse Siegrist to Robb E. Harskamp and Claudine M. Harskamp.
  • CITY OF COVINGTON, PHASE 1-A, LOT 103: $52,500, Curtis B. Spencer and Lauren R. Spencer to Bridget L. Sherrill.
  • DEL SOL EAST 374: $265,065, DSLD Homes LLC to Dennis M. Meyer and Roslyn P. Meyer.
  • DIVISION OF ST. JOHN SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $650,000, Capital One NA to Correct Care Properties LLC.
  • DOGWOOD DRIVE 12: $640,000, Brian C. Ball and Kristine G. Ball to Edward D. Fischer III and Cindy M. Fischer.
  • EMERALD FOREST BLVD. 350, UNIT 11104: $82,500, Wayne J. McCants Jr. to Christopher M. Fisher.
  • FAIR HILL LOOP 718: $305,000, Varuso Homes LLC to Albert P. Descant and Pamela K. Descant.
  • FAIR HILL LOOP 730: $329,800, Varuso Homes LLC to Mark P. Fortier and Pamela M. Fortier.
  • GERONIMO LANE, PORTION OF GROUND: $85,000, Michael Chudzinkski and Camille B. Chudzinski to Marlin W. Sturm and Kathryn L. Sturm.
  • GREEN HILL DRIVE 46: $259,000, Robert W. House and Kimberly C. House to Alejandro E. Lopez Jr.
  • HUMMINGBIRD ROAD 88: $100 and other good and valuable consideration, Harrison Custom Homes LLC to Felix G. Rabito Jr. and Mary S. Rabito.
  • LAKE FOREST ROW, PORTION OF GROUND: $45,000, Richard A. O’Krepki to Edward V. Brown III.
  • LAKE FOREST ROW, PORTION OF GROUND: $50,000, TCE Properties LLC and Tchefuncta Club Estates Inc. to Richard A. O’Krepki.
  • LAKE RAMSEY ROAD 15030: $30,000, Capital One NA to Henri Ferrer and Odette Ferrer.
  • LAKE VISTA ESTATES, LOT 111: donation, no value stated, Steven L. Dunlavy and Bradley W. Dunlavy to Cary S. Dunlavy.
  • NORMANDY OAKS ST. 118: $303,000, Christopher M. Bevolo and Margaret S. Bevolo to Edward J. Thibodaux Jr. and Carol C. Thibodaux.
  • OK LANE 81072: $51,000, Hua Shi Maestas to Mathew C. Rouillier and Jennifer L. Taylor.
  • PALM BLVD. 20401: $154,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Fayssoux C. Lee.
  • PLACE ST. ETIENNE 746: $383,000, Sarah Barber Jennings to Andrew M. Stone ad Margaret L. Stone.
  • RIVER FOREST SUBDIVISION, LOT 8, SQUARE 1: $175,000, Barbara M. Eckert to Frederick B. Watts.
  • RIVERBEND DRIVE 41: $335,000, James A. Prather and Michelle F. Prather to Janet R. Hines.
  • RUE BOURDEAUX 773: $286,500, Provident Building Group LLC to Robert S. Hogan and Stephanie L. Hogan.
  • S. CORNICHE DU LAC 792: $385,000, Darling Design Homes Inc. to Michael L. Gisclair and Renee M. Gisclair.
  • S. CORNICHE DU LAC 817: $442,000, Guastella Properties Inc. to Scott E. Delacroix and Erin B. Delacroix.
  • SECTION 15, TOWNSHIP 7 SOUTH, RANGE 11 EAST, 1.29 ACRES: $1,800,000, Whitney Bank to Murphy Oil USA Inc.
  • SECTION 23, TOWNSHIP 6 SOUTH, RANGE 11 EAST, 2.50 ACRES: $164,000, Jason A. Lorino to Mark A. Billman.
  • SECTION 7, TOWNSHIP 6 SOUTH, RANGE 11 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $134,737, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • SEVENTH ST. 70269: $143,900, Federal National Mortgage Association to Charles Paulsell Jr.
  • SPRUCE DRIVE 33: donation, no value stated, Stanley Milan to Ana Maria Rivera.
  • VINTAGE DRIVE 120: $179,000, James Barr to Hans F. W. Rasmussen III and Deborah A. Simon Rasmussen.
  • W. NINTH AVE. 201: $185,000, Harold E. Scherer and Joann Day Scherer to Christopher B. Barkerding and Amy L. Barkerding.
  • WARRIOR TRACE 460: $275,000, Perry J. Thomas and Jo Anne P. Thomas to James L. Norton and Kimberly C. Norton.
  • ZINNIA DRIVE 82-A: $440,000, Chris M. Cunningham and Mary Loga Cunningham to Clifford R. Lloyd and Amber W. Lloyd.


  • HAY HOLLOW ROAD 12124: $155,000, Succession of Shirley B. Althans to Francoise R. Stirling.
  • HIGHLANDS DRIVE 614: donation, no value stated, William F. Yost to Sharon S. Yost.
  • SECTION 8, TOWNSHIP 5 SOUTH, RANGE 10 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $600,000, Holly A. Wise to Mary Ellen Lancaster.
  • VILLAGE TRACE SUBDIVISION, LOT 22: $190,000, Barbara Gabig Olinger to John F. Cassidy and Joanne L. Cassidy.


  • BERRY TODD ROAD, PORTION OF GROUND: $300, Matthew J. Farley III to Tamland Investments Inc.
  • DIXIE PINES SUBDIVISION, LOTS 38, 39: $21,000, Whitney Bank to Sauter Invstments Ltd.
  • MANDANE DRIVE 26493: $68,900, Michael T. Saul and Bonnie G. Saul to Anthony J. Amato.
  • MISTY CREEK DRIVE 101: $250,000, Patrick B. Morris and Kelly L. Morris to Carissa J. Robin.
  • TOWN OF LACOMBE, LOT 7, SQUARE 71: $91,800, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Jane Elizabeth Briggs.


  • ADRIENNE ST. 47: $41,000, Champion Mortgage Co. to Michael Stanley.
  • BEDICO CREEK SUBDIVISION, LOTS 323, 324, 325, 341: $154,000, Bedico Interests LLC to Alvarez Construction Co. LLC.
  • BEDICO PARKWAY 529: $390,000, Florida Exteriors LLC to John H. Derbas and Diana D. Derbas.
  • BLACK RIVER FOREST ESTATES, PHASE 2, LOT 19: $73,500, Luis A. Sanders and Patricia S. Sanders to Mark A. Brady and Danielle P. Brady.
  • CANARY DRIVE 6005: $247,000, BMI Construction LLC to Gary J. Soileau and Delaine W. Soileau.
  • GAINESWAY DRIVE 443: $184,000, Lonny C. Wolz and Jessica D. Wolz to Blue Crab Investments LLC.
  • GALATAS SUBDIVISION, LOT 12: donation, no value stated, Dexter Tally to Johnnie D. Hayes and Demita T. Hayes.
  • GLENDURGAN WAY 192: $605,000, Scott E. Delacroix and Erin B. Delacroix to James M. Bell.
  • KENNELAND DRIVE 521: $230,000, Brad J. King and Shelly B. King to Murray A. Roth Sr. and Carol Court Roth.
  • LIVE OAK HILLS SUBDIVISION, LOT 1, SQUARE 1: $23,500, James M. Prentice and Luise Renee A. Prentice to David A. Lorino and Jennifer P. Lorino.
  • N. BROWN THRASHER LOOP 721: $270,000, donation, Rachel Venezia to Mark L. Venezia.
  • SAP BERRY DRIVE 201: $415,000, Albert P. Descant and Pamela K. Descant to Courtney Bacon Barrilleaux.
  • SECTION 44, TOWNSHIP 7 SOUTH, RANGE 10 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $100,000, Bank of America NA to Mike Parandian.
  • TAVERNY COURT 69421: $198,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Michael F. Gernold and Heather C. Gernold.
  • TAVERNY COURT 69509: $198,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Caleb M. Garner and Lindsey C. Garner.
  • TOWN OF MADISONVILLE, LOT 1, SQUARE 19: $48,000, Successions of Leona Brooks Chanel and Legon Chanel to Thomas M. Biernatzki.


  • ARMAND ST. 721: $123,000, Kendra Nelson Horowitz to Philip Berger and Mary Landry Berger.

Chinchuba subdivision, lot 8-B-2, square 11: $230,000, Timothy J. Scott and Evelyn W. Scott to Zoe F. Lipman.

Forest Brook Blvd. 330: $315,000, Luke John Barrilleaux and Courtney B. Barrilleaux to Joseph W. Grimball.

Forest Park Estates, lot 43-A: $97,500, Jason G. Burt and Leigh Ann Mathes Burt to Patricia B. Jensen.

Fountains subdivision, lot 19: $137,700, 272 Fountains Park Blvd. LLC to Gail F. Glass.

Grande Maison subdivision, phase 2, lot 30: $75,000, Colin L. Morris and Haley M. Saltaformaggio Morris to James G. Clayton and Kelly B. Clayton.

Kelly St. 70140: $127,000, Everbank to Deborah Strunc.

McCruice St. 845: $248,000, Scott M. Syrdal and Holly A. Syrdal to Jeffrey K. Mattia and Karrie D. Mattia.

  • N. COURT VILLA DRIVE 58: $175,000, Mary L. Snider to Anna Williamson.
  • NELSON ST. 915: donation, no value stated, Elsa Treadway to Colby C. Hahn and Elsa Treadway-Hahn.
  • PINTAIL TRACE 3: $100 and other good and valuable consideration, Felix G. Rabito Jr. and Mary Frances Rabito to Harrison Custom Homes LLC.
  • PONDEROSA PLACE 2039: $238,000, Barry T. Hartmann and Kimberly N. Hartmann to Joshua R. Altmeyer and Carlee C. Heausler.
  • RAMON ST. 517: $184,700, Succession of Dianne D. Schindler to Blaise A. Provitola and Julie D. Provitola.
  • RED OAK DRIVE 513: $210,000, Syed R. Ahmed, Taramum A. Ahmed, Mohammad Sarwar Azam and Ghazala Azam to Natalie C. Palmisano.
  • RUE CHARTES 900: $505,000, Nancy W. Guilbeau to Timothy M. Ingram and Ronda L. Ingram.
  • ST. JAMES PLACE NO. 2 CONDOMINIUM, UNIT 544: $85,000, Jack Myers Wilson Jr. to Jack Jick Leung Yu and Christina Sin Mei Lau Yu.
  • STEVEN ST. 2007: $146,000, Dorothy Richard Snoddy to James A. Crouch Jr. and Michelle L. Crouch.
  • SWEET BAY DRIVE 609: $315,000, Gary J. Soileau and Delaine W. Soileau to Derek A. Townsend and Julie E. Townsend.
  • TCHEFUNCTA CLUB ESTATES, PHASE 2, LOT 545: $143,692, Biggs Harrison Construction LLC to Harrison Custom Homes LLC.
  • TIFFANY LANE 1645: $333,500, Daniel J. Dodson and Courtney P. Dodson to Lawrence G. Ringham and Nannette A. Ringham.
  • TORTOISE DRIVE 2140: $183,500, Philip J. Ballinger and Melissa Ann Kaintz to Michael L. Barndt and Loralynn P. Barndt.
  • TOWN OFF MAILLEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $500,000, Welsh Properties LP to Charlston Investments LLC.
  • WINGATE COURT 46: $304,000, S. C. Buddy Homes LLC to Joseph S. Jennings and Kelly C. Jennings.


  • ALLISON PARK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 38: $49,500, Thomas H. Hood to Patrick J. Chutz Jr.
  • GARRETS PRIME RUN 501: $99,000, Regina N. Griffin to Jerret M. Pittman Jr.
  • OAK DOWNS SUBDIVISION, LOT 5: $40,000, Garman Cyrprian and Gloria White Cyprian to John H. Wadsworth IV and Dianna W. Wadsworth.
  • OAKLEY BLVD. 401: donation, no value stated, Terry J. Jones II to Corrie Roser Jones.
  • PONDEROSA RANCHES SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3, LOT 67: $20,000, Mack R. Lambert Jr. and Deborah Eccles Lambert to Florian Martinez-Buenrostro.
  • SAWMILL CREEK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3, LOT 78: $45,000, Amber Scariano to Corine Hyde.


  • WITTENBERG FARMS SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Robin L. Cole and Elaine G. Cole.


  • ABS ROAD 58239: $50,000, Joseph D. Stein and Kathy W. Stein to Ronald A. Nowell III and Amber Lynn Minchew Nowell.
  • BRADFORD PLACE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 25: $174,900, Regions Mortgage to James E. Washington Jr. and Linda A. Bailey Washington.
  • BRIDGE ST. 3323: $129,000, Trevor Luken to Edward S. Rodriguez.
  • CAMBRIDGE ST. 3845: $119,200, June Dexter Marcantel to Miguel A. Gorordo and Shelly R. Gorordo.
  • CAROLYN PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 4, SQUARE 10: $56,200, Citifinancial Servicing LLC to Mickey J. Jones.
  • CELESTE CIRCLE 106: $109,000, Bernardus C. Vanderklis to Andrew B. Norman.
  • CHAMALE COVE CONDOMINIUM, UNIT 68: $125,000, Gary Hal and Donna F. Kulawiak to Jeffrey B. Thoede and Laura Bulger Colson.
  • CHERRY ST. 1513: $90,000, Tod A. Grabert and Debra C. Grabert to Barbara Brocato-Duvall.
  • CHIMAERA LANE 117: $265,300, Benjamin W. Wallace and Charlotte Ann Archer-Wallace to Mary M. Byrd.
  • CLAIRE DRIVE 1036: $253,350, Ruth C. Bell to Richard J. Landry III and Jacquelyn B. Landry.
  • CLEARPOINT DRIVE 5178: $180,000, Abraham Segres, Marla K. Pressley Segres, James Berry, Maria A. Pressley Berry, Anthony S. Pressley II, Belinda B. Pressley, Samuel Raymond Thomas Jr., Maia L. Pressley-Thomas, Robert Jones and Michele J. Pressley-Jones to Laura K. Kelley.
  • CLIPPER ESTATES, PHASE 6, LOTS 44, 45: $170,000, Clipper Noteholder LLC to Levis Homes LLC.
  • DALE DRIVE 676: $120,226, Marlene C. Bajon and Deborah Ann Cocran-Hock to Danny Drew Young Jr.
  • DAUPHINE ST. 4178: $140,000, Silessi Construction LLC to Anthony F. Abadie.
  • DRURY LANE 309: $115,000, Land Title Investments LLC to Gabriel L. Robertson and Denise E. Robertson.
  • E. QUEENS DRIVE 108: $59,500, Kevin J. Brannon and Georgette L. Brannon to Killeen Group Holdings Co. LLC.
  • E. SILVERMPALE DRIVE 33: $220,000, Darren P. Landreneau and Meredith P. Landreneau to Keith E. Branchcomb and Christina H. Branchcomb.
  • ELLINGSWORTH DRIVE 1526: $162,000, Alberto R. Alonso and Rocio Z. Alonso to Hung Q. Nguyen.
  • FRENCH BRANCH ESTATES, PHASE 3, LOT 52: $201,000, Edward A. Zito to Donald A. Lovett and Jennifer H. Lovett.
  • HARBOR DRIVE 1244, UNIT 314: $72,900, Federal National Mortgage Association to Nicholas Thomas.
  • HILLARY DRIVE 1426: $152,000, Scott R. Woods and Patricia D. Woods to Craig K. Dennis and Tika S. Dennis.
  • KISATCHIE DRIVE 39282: $255,000, Nickolas J. Sherlock Sr. and Dana R. Sherlock to Jeffrey L. Huse and Kathryn C. Huse.
  • LAKE VERMILLION COURT 818: $186,000, James M. Potts and Jennifer L. Potts to Erich M. Rohwer and Letitia J. Poe Rohwer.
  • LAKE VILLAGE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 4, LOT 420: $130,000, Delores A. Carter Suhre to Theodore A. Kreger Jr.
  • LAKESHORE ESTATES, PHASE 1-A-1, LOT 112: $125,000, Steven P. Bourgeois to Hung Q. Pham and Thaochi Hong Cao Pham.
  • MAPLE CREEK DRIVE 987: $228,000, Vinod Ramanath and Suba S. Ramanath to Albert C. Boudreaux and Alyssa R. Tschirn.
  • MAPLE CREEK DRIVE 991: $189,000, Jeffrey P. Orillion and Jessica H. Orillion to Travis J. Davis.
  • MIRE COURT 200: $161,000, Steven J. Eads and Crystal F. Cornett to Craig M. Lestremau and Brandi S. Lestremau.
  • N. LAKE GRAND COURT 800: $187,000, Michael W. Donham Sr. and Barbara S. Donham to Catina Marie Roberts.
  • NINTH ST. 1537-39: $84,200, St. Tammany Association For Retarded Citizens Inc. to John Williams and Angela C. Williams.
  • NORTHSHORE LANE 545: $117,000, Carissa J. Robin to Danielle Schmidt.
  • OAK LEAF DRIVE 112: $222,500, Jonathan D. Wood and Rebecca G. Wood to Nicholas A. Fain and Amanda Fain.
  • OZONE WOODS SUBDIVISION, LOT 9, SQUARE 56: $6,500, Cassity H. Caire and Daniel M. Caire to Rocky N. Kahoe and Kristin C. Kahoe.
  • PEBBLE BEACH DRIVE 179: $170,000, VIP Properties LLC to Matthew A. Bedford and Andrea H. Bedford.
  • PENNSYLVANIA AVE. 1104: $133,500, James Jones and Ruth Jones Trust to Samuel Pizzuto and Lucille Pizzuto Family revocable trust.
  • PITTMAN PLACE SUBDIVISION, LOT 13: $38,000, Lyndon J. Reimonenq and Crystal W. Reimonenq to Curtis C. McDougle and Melissa T. McDougle.
  • ROBERT BLVD. 680: $232,000, Gregory J. Wendling to Concole Enterprises LLC.

Royal Palm Drive 1466: $326,000, William H. Stubbs Jr. and Christie C. Stubbs to Coleen M. Carroll.

  • S. JAYSON DRIVE 108: $223,000, Daniel J. Wesp to William Waggoner and Erin G. Waggoner.
  • SECTION 11, TOWNSHIP 9 SOUTH, RANGE 14 EAST, 1.21 ACRES: $120,000, M.M.F. LLC to Randolph A. Boesch.
  • SHORT ST. 214-B: $160,000, James Dennis Clark to Carol Reviere Lulich.
  • SOUTHPARK DRIVE 136: $105,000, Bonnie T. Reavis Rushing to Fadeela M. Al-Hinai.
  • TEAL ST. 2214: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to KNS Services Inc.
  • VINE ST. 215: $137,000, Gregory A. Benfatti to Crystal M. Davis.
  • W. HALL AVE. 1010: $13,750, donation, Gina Morton Vanampting to Charlene H. Roman.
  • W. HALL AVE. 1711: $118,380, Ronald F. Barriere Jr. and Deandrea K. Barriere to Ronald S. Riley and Kimeta B. Riley.
  • WOODCREST DRIVE 226: $85,000, James L. Beverly and Tracy T. Beverly to Amanda L. Gorecki Galiano.
  • ZACHARY DRIVE 1115: $230,000, Casey Wayne Cobb and and Ashlie K. Funderburk Cobb to Jeffrey Orillion and Jessica Orillion.


  • SECTION 29, TOWNSHIP 4 SOUTH, RANGE 13 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Janella Pierce to Robert H. Pierce Jr., Bonita Jean Pierce Thompson and Belinda Sue Pierce Edwards.
  • SECTION 42, TOWNSHIP 5 SOUTH, RANGE 13 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $176,000, Louis J. Giorlando and Cheryl P. L. Giorlando to Mark D. Callender and Alison A. Savoy.