St. John Parish property transfers, May 9-10, 2016 _lowres

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Robin St. Pierre Brock sold this home at 149 Oak Ridge Dr. in Laplace to Kimberly A. Firmin and Cory J. Firmin for $378,000.

St. John

  • TRANSFERS for MAY 9 - MAY 20


  • COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE 67: $180,000, Glenn H. Templet and Terrilyn Reyes Templet to Harold L. Montegut, III and Shannon Templet Montegut.
  • PAMPAS DRIVE 17: $158,000, St. John the Baptist Parish 17 Pampas Drive Trust to Francisco Pomar, III and Irma Z. Zaldivar-Pomar.
  • GARDENIA STREET 720: $119,000, Ana Matilde Salinas to Carl D. Burks.
  • GARDENIA STREET 553/ FORMERLY GARDENIA AVENUE 553: $140,000, Amanda Marie Rebaldo Autin to Terry R. Smith, Jr.
  • COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE 19: Donation by Operation Homefront, Inc. to Eric Moore.
  • FOXWOOD LANE 529: $166,500, Lisa Lewis Nevarez, wife of/ and Carlos Nevarez to Micquelon Geralyn Populis.
  • WARWICK STREET 123: $159,000, The Charles Keith Metcalf Trust and Robin Ronquille Metcalf to Kory Kilburn Fields, wife of/ and Joshua John Fields.
  • MOUNT VERNON DRIVE 605: Donation by Alkan A. Traveler to Sabiha Oc Traveler.
  • CANE DRIVE 16: $177,900, Adam Joseph Davis and Suzannah Stayton Davis to Nicole Malveaux Lago and Malcolm Lago.
  • PINEHURST DRIVE 2172: $175,000, Graham Earthen Saturley and Anita Conway Saturley to Alexander L. Dornier and Rachel A. Rodriguez.
  • OAK RIDGE DRIVE 149: $378,000.00 sale, by Robin St. Pierre Brock to Kimberly A. Firmin and Cory J. Firmin.
  • DEVON ROAD 120: $190,000.00 sale, by Kelly Rose Massett Clause, wife of/ and Landon Clause to Rachnique Gibbs Track, wife of/and Carl W. Track, Jr.
  • BELLEVUE DRIVE 1109: Donation by Verna Robinson McCoy to Ernest McCoy.
  • LEMOYNE DRIVE 640: $136,000, David P. Gordon to Eldon J. Bazile.
  • KATHY DRIVE 162: $60,000, Chalantha Catrese Lewis to Wayne Matherne, Jr., husband of/ and Loretta L. Vicknair Matherne.
  • WALNUT STREET UNIT D 718: $110,000, Ruby Foy Robinson to Brittany Crawley.
  • MAPLE LOOP 448: Donation, by Roswitha Edler Charek to Mary Edler.
  • MAPLE LOOP 448: $33,000.00 sale, by Henry Edler, Jr. to Mary Edler.


  • 193 W. 4TH STREET: $160,000, Harold L. Montegut, III and Shannon Templet Montegut to Glenn H. Templet, Sr. and Terri Reyes Templet.
  • 105 W. 15TH STREET: $15,000, Tequilla Tuco to Lloyd J. Johnson, Jr.
  • 120 EAST 7TH STREET: $10,027.00 sale, by St. John the Baptist Parish to Darlene C. Johnson and Willie L. Johnson, Jr..
  • 130 EAST 30TH STREET: Donation by Anita Lawrence to LaShawn Lawrence Davillier.


  • LOT NO. (3) RIVER GLEN SUB., HISTORIC WEST STREET: $3,967, St. John the Baptist Parish to Joseph Weber.


  • SECTION 2 TOWNSHIP 12 SOUTH RANGE 19 EAST: $1,666 sale by Janice Becnel Meadoux to Randi Lyn McClendon.


  • LOT NO. 59 PLANTATION OAKS II: $42,000, Michael A. Julian and Lana Johnson Julian to Brye M. Roussel.
  • LOT NO. EIGHT (8) IN BLOCK NO. SIX (6), LOT NO. NINE (9) IN BLOCK NO SIX (6): Donation by Dawn Cashio Duhe, David Cashio, Jr., Brandon Cashio and Cory Cashio to Carolyn Oubre McClure.
  • LOT A16 SUGAR LANE ESTATES PHASE I AND LOT B38 SUGAR LANE ESTATES PHASE II: $30,000, Peter J. Bua and Angela Calongne Bua to Moore New Homes, L.L.C..
  • LOT NO. (12) BLOCK SIX (6) HOPEVILLE: $15,000, Roger Tassin to Taylor L. Duhon.
  • IBER STREET 146: $205,000, Alex L. Danos, and Chris P. Danos to Earnest W. Fleming, Jr. and Cabrina Wallace Fleming.
  • LOT NO. (5) HOTARD EXTENSION: Donation by Lutha Mason to Shawanda Lynn Mason.