• Transfers for May 20 to May 27


  • BLANCHE DRIVE 116: donation, no value stated, Melanie R. Marino, Angie R. Rexwinkle and Natalie Raffray to Jason Raffray.
  • DILLARD DRIVE 136: donation, no value stated, Karen J. Anderson and Denise Green to Stacey T. Davis and Raelynn H. Davis.
  • S. TISH DRIVE 113: donation, no value stated, Vincent D’Antoni to Mary D. Adams and Jewel D. Adams.
  • SENATE DRIVE 276: $54,812, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • URSULA DRIVE 105: $52,000, Richbend Enterprises LLC to Steven C. Carter.


  • W. KRUEGER LANE 920: $35,060, Rose Thong to RTE LLC.
  • WIEGAND DRIVE 1104: $49,900, Fidelity Bank to Louis N. Maureau III.


  • GRAND BEACH NO. 1 SUBDIVISION, LOT 6, SQUARE M: $17,500, Josh J. Jambon to Russell Trapp.
  • GRAND ISLE SUBDIVISION, LOTS 11, 12, 13: $345,000, Rebecca J. Leblanc, John J. Jones, Benjamin G. Jones, Lydia J. Goulas, Timothy G. Jones, Gwendolyn J. Murrian and Frances J. Roman to Shannon M. McGuire and Mary K. Coyle.
  • NEAR GRAND ISLE, LOT 1: $275,000, Sand Dollar Motel Inc. to GI Camp LLC.
  • PAMELA BLVD. 7016: $88,000, Amaris Isle Plantation LLC to Christopher J. Ledet and Kathryn H. Ledet.


  • 11TH ST. 1022: $59,500, Cynthia A. B. Matherne to Paul B. Wagner and Hanna Banks.
  • AMELIA ST. 209: $240,000, Jacob Williams to Trent M. Walker and Candi H. Walker.
  • CEDARWOOD AVE. 1912: $74,000, Carol A. H. Selvidge to Lee S. Ragas.
  • COMMERCE ST. 128: $375,000, Succession of Gustave P. Cramond Jr., James E. Cramond, Gary A. Cramond and Gustave P. Cramond III to Ernest A. Wilbur III and Allison S. Wilbur.
  • DERBIGNY ST. 527, 535: $128,000, Bank of Louisiana to Granola Properties LLC.
  • EMERSON ST. 2112: $140,000, IberiaBank to Ghebreab Berhane and Aseghedec H. Berhane.
  • EUCLID ST. 2168: $189,000, Gabriel L. Jas III and Marie F. Jas to John T. Pecoul and Jennifer P. Bradley.
  • FAIRFIELD AVE. 34: $250,000, Grand Oaks Investment LLC to Hobstar Com LLC.
  • FAIRFIELD AVE. 379: $425,000, Gina P. Smith to Aaron E. Hoffman and Anita K. Hoffman.
  • FIFTH ST. 320: $135,000, George R. Young Jr. to Alexis M. Stonerock.
  • GLENMEADE COURT 325: $183,641, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • GULF DRIVE 916-18: $135,000, Bob J. Pellegrin and Tara B. Pellegrin to Sandra D. Johnson.
  • HAMCOCK ST. 1613: $210,000, Davelyn Properties LLC to Douglas P. Curole.
  • HIGHLAND DRIVE NORTH 2773: $123,000, Berry F. Johnson to Abdallah O. Ahmad and Ameera N. Sharis.
  • KATHY ST. 829: $134,900, Antonio J. Barcelona to Stephanie R. Brown.
  • MADISON ST. 1411: $43,500, Kenneth P. Hebert and Andante R. Hebert to Julius E. Rolland Sr.
  • NICHOLSON PLACE SUBDIVISION, LOT 24-A, SQUARE R: $56,039, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • NINTH ST. 1115: $50,000, OTS Properties LLC to Drooksee LLC.
  • ROBERT ST. 929: $30,000, David Boyd to Elbert Boyd Jr.
  • ROSE PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 1, SQUARE T: donation, no value stated, Warren A. Buffone to Carol A. Buffone.
  • W. MARLIN COURT 545: $99,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Hengshuo Gu.
  • WEYER ST. 2215: $10,500, Yvette A. E. Wesley to Eric C. Watkins.


  • 41ST ST. 2421: donation, no value stated, Felicia F. Vega to Geiner V. Garcia.
  • DEERRUN LANE 3845: $124,900, Nathaniel Cooper and Adrionne F. Cooper to Tayjuan R. Adams.
  • E. BAMBOO DRIVE 3928: $138,995, Deborah R. Patterson to Junior R. Cabral.
  • FAIRMONT AVE. 439-41: $82,500, John G. Phelan Jr. and Jean A. L. Phelan to WJL Properties LLC.
  • GREENBRIAR LANE 3805: $111,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Patrice Guy.
  • HAMPTON DRIVE 2220: $125,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Ziyad Isa and Imad Isa.

Lapalco Commerical Park subdivision, lot 18-A, square B: $20,000, Brookwood Properties LLC to Berger Building LLC.

  • MACARTHUR ST. 618: $80,000, Jamie L. Blanchard to Amanda L. Powell.
  • MAPLEWOOD DRIVE 1332: $132,000, Joseph F. Hammer and Sondra K. Hammer to Franklyn Guity Arriola and Telsa F. Alavarez de Guity.
  • OLD COMPTON ROAD 2387: $35,000, Succession of Nicolas A. Zepeda and Maria D. Zepeda to Nicolas Zepeda Jr.
  • SOUTH NEW ORLEANS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 6, 7, 44, 45, SQUARE 145: $75,000, Diana H. Spottswood to Laiglesia Westbank.
  • TIMBERS DRIVE 2412: $60,000, Joel K. Brown and Darlene M. Brown to Blue Moon L.I.G. Diversified Investments LLC.


  • DECAMP STREET, LOT 14: $12,500, James P. Rojas and Edna R. Fazende to Rickey J. Templet.
  • JEAN LAFITTE BLVD. 4342: $121,250, Kelli M. Fabre to Christopher M. Perrin.


  • ARBUTUS LANE 3144: $128,756, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • BARK AVE. 2704: $208,000, Antonio L. Borrego and Stephanie B. Borrego to Nathaniel N. Lofton and Amie H. Lofton.
  • BONNIE ANN DRIVE 2100: $86,000, Howard S. Mccaskill, Leslie M. Dicken, Lindsey M. Wool and Landon S. Mccaskill to Shannon Spears.
  • BRETON DRIVE 2624: $54,209, V Mortgage Reo 1LLC to Earl L. Tardiff.
  • BUCCOLA AVE. 1709: donation, no value stated, Rosie M. Wilson to Marshall S. Irvin Jr., Ernestine N. Wilson and Carroll M. Wilson Jr.
  • CANDLELIGHT COURT 1116: $2,161, PNC Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • CASCADE DRIVE 2604: $130,000, Brian R. Talerico to Diana L. Duckett.
  • ESHER PLACE 2025: $45,000, V. Mortgage Reo Corp. to Kimberlin P. Brown and Jewel N. Pittman.
  • FOLIAGE DRIVE 2713: $155,000, Tonya T. Eitmann to Bobby W. Henderson Jr. and Jamie B. Henderson.
  • LINCOLN AVE. 1716: $59,000, Leo Kearns Sr., Renee K. Aranda and Leo Kearns Jr. to Shelita M. Cole.
  • MARISHA COURT 2720: $139,900, David W. Cummings and Kasey J. Cummings to Jesse J. Willsey.
  • MICHAEL ST. 1025: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Timothy Davis.
  • PRITCHARD ROAD 5413: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Delia S. Leonida.
  • RAMSEY DRIVE 2505: $99,900, George D. Sartor to Shelly Rodrigue and Stacey Thompson.
  • ROBINSON AVENUE ADDITION SUBDIVISION, LOT 18, SQUARE 2: $7,000, W&W Crystal Estates LLC to Danny Payne.
  • SADDLER ROAD 471: $65,000, Terry Lee and Mary C. Lee to Joseph Trosclair.

School Drive 4001: $208,000, Leslie Homes Inc. to Bobby J. Russo and Jamie L. Russo.

  • ST. ANN ST. 1248: $130,000, Lori T. Laporte to Andrew M. Nadeau and Stefanie D. Nadeau.
  • TOWERING OAKS AVE. 5044: $51,700, Debra M. L. Woods, Keith A. Lenormand, Ann F. L. Mulanax, Rhiannon F. Lenormand, Denny R. Lenormand, Amanda C. Lenormand, Frank L. Hadwin Jr., Wanda H. Emanus and Sheron H. Ashmore to Seecharran Santoke.

Trahan St. 5027: $149,000, Christopher M. Ells and Desiree L. Ells to Louis J. Morvant Jr. and Rachael F. Morvant.

  • WALKERTOWN SUBDIVISION, LOTS 43, 44, SQUARE 7: $42,500, Jomarie J. Stewart and Noreen J. Lambert to BB-Son LLC.


  • APPLETREE LANE 300: $60,000, Rosa M. Amaya to Francisco D. Hernandez.
  • BAYWOOD SUBDIVISION, LOT 6B, SQUARE A: $80,000, Ellis J. Simon Jr. to Jeremy P. Costa and Megan B. Costa.
  • N. LEXINGTON AVE. 2128: $195,000, Joseph R. Parks and Kimberly K. M. Parks to Johan Nguyen.


  • AZALEA DRIVE 249: $59,900, Succession of Theresa A. Phillip to Dalton J. Poche Jr.
  • CYNTHIA ST. 16: $37,900, V Mortgage Reo 1LLC to Stanley J. Campbell and Shelia M. Jackson.


  • AVENUE D 939: $90,000, Kelly R. Billiot to Brett M. Tucker and Jamie G. Tucker.
  • HERMAN ST. 129: $75,000, Bradley G. Calamusa to John R. Sellers and April C. Sellers.
  • JEFFER DRIVE 244: $158,000, Keenya D. Lewis to Joseph M. Rivero and Amanda C. Bourgeois.