Transfers for Nov. 25-29

District 1

Camp St. 929: donation, no value stated, Louisiana Historical Association Inc. to 929 Camp Street Museum Inc. and Memorial Hall Museum Inc.

Commerce St. 700: $250,000, Jarret E. Bauer to Jill Martin Jones.

Felicity St. 743: $60,000, Crystal Waite to Gulfcoast Allied 1 LLC.

Felicity St. 749: $60,000, Crystal Waite to Gulfcoast Allied 8 LLC.

Julia St. 402: $318,000, Jill Martin Jones to Hunt Murdock Qdita Trust.

Poeyfarre St. 920: $220,000, Brian Raymond Bodnarchuk to Dawna Lynn Eastman Gallo and Donald Gallo.

Poeyfarre St. 920: $319,000, Hb Properties LLC to Elizabeth Sanchez Luke and Steven C. Luke.

S. Genois 135: $330,000, Robert J. Folse Jr. to Elizabeth A. Chickering.

S. Murat St. 416: $200,000, Peter Brabeck to Elizabeth E. Hess Andre and Justin Lee Andre.

St. Charles Ave. 1750: $14,000, St. Charles Capital Funding LLC to Elaine Blake Haas and George Haas.

Terpsichore St. 2325: $86,500, First NBC Community Development LLC to Brenda Nelson Lawson and James A. Lawson III.

District 2

Carondelet St. 334: $257,000, James Francis Lyons and Michelle Oustalet Lyons to Blane Lee Sibille and Kitty Bell Sibille.

Dauphine St. 1119: donation, no value stated, Denise D. Oliva and Nelson E. Oliva to 1119 Dauphine Street LLC.

Dauphine St. 410: $1,100,000, Steven B. Lacy to Rue Dumaine Development LLC.

Dumaine St. 2739: $155,000, Bobby R. Lowe and John Weary to Daniel Gregory Ross and Kimberly Robinson Ross.

Florida Ave. 928: $144,000, Michelle Rauch Fruge and Steven Kirk Fruge to Conrad Schmidt.

Germain St. 530-532: $520,000, Jonah Stafford Smith and Julie April Smith to Donna Daros.

Solomon Place 830-832: $653,100, Craig M. Calico and Matthew W. Larose to Hardoncourt Barber Trepagnier.

Memphis St. 6807: $412,000, Megan Gasser Miller and Trevor S. Miller to Kelly K. Gajewski.

N. Dorgenois St. 814-16: $140,000, Ada 100 LLC to Christine Irma MacKinnon.

N. Robertson St. 808-08 1/2; N. Robertson St. 810-10 ½; St. Ann St. 1531-31 1/2; St. Ann St. 1533 ½: $515,000, George J. Peake to 1531 St. Ann LLC.

St. Ann St. 4301-03: donation, no value stated, Richard Allen Medof to Antoinette Ernandes Adams, Jennifer Darinka Adams, Michael Ian Medof and Robert Anthony Medof.

St. Louis St. 2326: $416,000, Atlas Greenway Fund 1 LLC to Brooke Morrell.

St. Peter St. 831: $370,000, Christopher J. Cooper to Angela Menges Meoli and Anthony M. Meoli.

St. Peter St. 911: $207,500, Robert J. Landry Odonahue to John M. Ragland and Pamela Hollingsworth Ragland.

Warbler St. 43: $100, New Orleans Museum of Art to Talex Holdings LLC.

District 3

Alabo St. 1223: $6,400, Homer Nelms Charles to Cora Ruth Nelms Charles and Pierre Sourial Charles Jr.

Alvar St. 1639: $312,000, David Gavin Herzenberg to Grant Alden.

Baccich St. 4914: $18,000, Mark M. Tacon Jr. to Deep South Home Buyers LLC.

Baccich St. 4914: $18,000, Camille B. Tacon to Deep South Home Buyers LLC.

Briarheath Drive 7564: $149,000, Jacquelyn Walker Harris to Joy E. Thompson.

Chimneywood Lane 1003: $40,029.34, First NBC Community Development LLC to Kaixiang Gu and Xu Su.

Chimneywood Lane 1008: $40,029.34, First NBC Community Development LLC to Kaixiang Gu and Xu Su.

Citrus Drive 4774: $30,000, Advanta Ira Services LLC and Car Fanaro to JSE Investments LLC.

Columbus St. 1355-57: donation, no value stated, Angela T. Freeman Trust to 1355 Columbus St. LLC.

Congress St. 2130-32: $25,000, Linda Ruth Ebeling Inman to Nathan V. Blair.

Downman Road 6001: $3,575,000, 501 Peniston LLC to Nola East LLC.

Eads St. 6024: donation, no value stated, Quality First Properties LLC to Ignatius Paul Hills.

Edgefield Drive 7011: $155,500, Trinity Investments LLC to Rayshawn Dordain Gremillion and Zachary P. Gremillion.

Gallier St. 1012: $229,850, Congregation of The Marianites of The Holy Cross to Diana E. Dellechiaie and Joshua S. Strzeszkowski.

Gen Early Drive 4518: $98,527.27, Girard Fernandez to Louisiana Land Trust and Road Home Corporation.

Genoa St. 4309: $265,000, Roy R. Martin Jr. to Elaina E. Patterson Vogt and Mark A. Vogt Jr.

Gentilly Road 2342: $290,000, Steve F. Giarratano to Prieur LLC.

Granada Drive 1246: $239,000, Richard Matthew White to Dennis M. Hoback, Roxanne Moore Hoback.

Harbor Circle 172: $210,000, University of New Orleans Foundation to 85 Park Lane LLC.

Hauck Drive 4950: $161,000, Lam T. Nguyen and Xuan T. Nguyen to Shereka M. Ceazer.

Jonquil St. 2645: donation, no value stated, Reginald Clifford Lindsay and Samuel Lindsay Jr. to Alice Lindsay.

Jourdan Ave. 1306: $7,914, City of New Orleans to Jourdan Property Investments LLC.

Lamanche St. 1326-1330: donation, no value stated, Walsdorf Harold Jenneford to Mallory Jenneford Porche.

Ligustrum Drive 7316: $10,000, Sandy Byrd Maldonado and Sandy Byrd Newton to Dnc Properties LLC.

Madrid St. 1301; St. Bernard Ave. 6053: $180,000, Eva Hsieh, Joanna Hsieh Korjenic, Rey Hsien Wei, Wei Rey Hsien and Yating Hsieh Baudin to Ka Shuen Carson Kwok and Yu Feng Guan Kwok.

Navarre St. 1049-51: $480,000, Cory P. Gruntz to Dean M. Duplantier.

Marigny St. 6331: $334,900, Acimar Fernandes De Moura and Bruna Diniz MacHado De Moura to Brandi Hargrove.

Mazant St. 1943: $101,000, Ca Joya Jones Jacob and Gregory Jacob Jr. to Traivor M. Morrison.

Mendez St. 1326: $267,000, Isl Investments LLC to Miles M. Trenticosta.

Montegut Drive 4543: $152,000, 5035 Good Dr Gh LLC to Christopher Ray Musco.

N. Miro St. 1635: donation, no value stated, Edward Frazier III to Lisa Williams Frazier.

N. Robertson St. 4708-10: $4,860, City of New Orleans to Jourdan Property Investments LLC.

N. Rocheblave St. 5017: $60,000, Ernisha M. Henry Lavigne, Jean M. Wilson, Jerry W. Henry, Latasha A. Simeon, Liltosha Jones and Tamyra Lynn Harrison to Edris L. Stone.

Nottingham Drive 4711: $125,000, Than Thi Nguyen and Thomas T. Nguyen to Jones and Lana Grant Jones.

Painters St. 4422: $217,010.31, Kelly Stinson Sciple and Thomas C. Sciple to Laura K. Sheridan Matthews.

Pauger St. 4941: $40,000, Angela Butler Baudy and Jerome A. Baudy Jr. to Clayton Ventures LLC.

Pauline Drive 6527: $185,000, Onola LLC to Keith J. Seals and Kiesha Seals.

Perlita Drive 6234: $353,500, Anne Robinson Lutz, Carol Robinson Goodman, Earl Sherwood Robinson III, James Jay Robinson, Louise McMahon Robinson, Lynne Louise Robinson, Susan Anais Robinson Buehler to Nataliia Kravchenko Novikov and Oleksii Novikov.

Piety St. 1242-1244: $90,000, Harrison Duncan Jr. to Two Legged Dog LLC.

Piety St. 5411: $105,000, WVUE 2015 1 to Shankelle C. Scott.

Press Drive 6110: $160,000, Aaron E. Hoffman to Brittanny Anne Silva and Joshua Ryan Eaton.

Royal St. 2418: $335,000, Jon Clement Burroughs to Jan Lenoir Harrigan and Thomas Y. Harrigan Jr.

Royal St. 2438: $1,472,786, David Michael Smith and Phillip Joseph Lege to Lege Smith LLC.

Senate St. 1459-61: $12,000, Leslie Howard and Linda Howard Curtis to St. Bernard Baptist Church at Holy Anointed House of Prayer.

Sere St. 2270: $238,000, Heather Hosli Pierce to Christopher Kohl, Marti Kohl and Marti Schenk Kohl.

Spain St. 530: $620,000, Gerald P. Mallon Jr. to Patricia Field Dragovan Foster.

St. Anthony St. 2109: $120,000, Mlm Renovations LLC to Tiffany Danna.

St. Bernard Ave. 5608: $153,000, Gregory Swafford and Vanessa Caliste Swafford to Summer Celeste Fiedler Rocha.

St. Ferdinand Drive 5120: $77,000, Chandra Ford to Qi Ji Wu.

Thor Court 6938: $240,000, Carolyn E. Hallman to Michael C. Raines.

Trafalgar St. 3149: $520,000, Chisesi Signature Homes LLC to Donna K. Twenlow Broome, Gregory W. Broome and Kasey A. Marino.

Treasure St. 2122-24: $80,000, George Brady Lotridge II and Leanne Holmes Lotridge to Edward M. Ehli and Susan Frances Sumergrad.

W. Adams Court 4750: $138,000, Kyle B. Isidore and Renada Camp Isidore to Daryl Domonic McMorris.

W. Park Place 45: donation, no value stated, Conrad R. Jones III and Elaine Blanchard Jones to Mark J. Jones.

Winthrop Place 109: $169,500, Celia M. MacAbee Burley and David R. Burley to Daniel Simpson and Meagan Davis Simpson.

$195,000: Pamela Barrett to Kianna Guidry Morgan and Willie L. Morgan III.

$47,200: City of New Orleans to Dawn T. Cangelosi and Lawrence C. Cangelosi III.

$25,101: City of New Orleans to Christopher Charles Galliano.

$5,937: City of New Orleans to Jourdan Property Investments LLC.

$6,077: City of New Orleans to Jourdan Property Investments LLC.

$5,252: City of New Orleans to Christopher Charles Galliano.

$15,600: City of New Orleans to Alan H. Zakem.

$5,257: City of New Orleans to Sandra Bolen Richards and Sandra Bolen Samuel.

$25,500: City of New Orleans to Mad III LLC.

District 4

4th St. 1936: $56,500, CHS New Orleans I. LLC to 5812 Real Estate Development LLC.

Fourth St. 3945; S. Broad St. 2700: $513,960, Rhodes Commercial Developments LLC to 2700 Bohn Motor LLC.

Fourth St. 830-832: $350,000, Kim Uyen Thi Tran Jones to James Francis Flinn.

Freret St. 2301: $100, Bernice Payton Henry, Charles Bernard Henry and Frank L. Henry to Stephanie A. Henry.

S. Saratoga St. 2824-26: $35,000, Louis X. Washington Jr. and Tracie Leigh Washington to 5pm Properties LLC.

Second St. 729; Second St. 731-35: $295,000, 729 Second LLC to Elisabeth Schlimme Sears.

$9,210: City of New Orleans to Equity Trust Company Custodian and Tyler J. Breaux Ira.

District 5

Abalon Court 344: $260,000, Kathleen Spurlock Wood and Stephen G. Wood to Chelsea Lee Di Carlo and Richard J. Di Carlo.

Abalon Court 517: $309,000, Elbred R. Malone Jr. and Zelma Washington Malone to Sandra Gail Gainey Hobbs and Zacharia Lee Hobbs.

Anson St. 4622: $90,500, John M. Langley to Kristi Souvinette.

Atlantic Ave. 431-431 1/2: $80,000, Flag Boy Properties LLC to Alma Loredo Maldonado and Jose Maldonado.

Belleville St. 921: donation, no value stated, Deidre Henderson Allen to Wilbert Allen III.

Bouny St. 522-24: $103,000, Cane Ventures LLC to Harry William Reineke IV.

De Battista Place 1553: $276,000, Brenda Ellen Hubert Beasley to Herman S. Clincy Jr. and Marie Surena Clincy.

English Turn Drive 43: $570,000, Guy D. Keller McElveen and Herbert S. McElveen Keller to 43 English Turn Trust.

Eton St. 2664: donation, no value stated, Albert Vallery Jr. to Joann Payton Andrews, Joann Payton Junior and Joann Payton Vallery.

Eton St. 2664: $230,000, Joann Payton Andrews Vallery to Jeffrey S. Norton and Julia Norton.

Ivory St. 6421: $50,000, Lucille Franklin Berry and Roussell Berry Sr. to Lafrance Ellison Gremillion and Richard E. Gremillion.

Richland Road 1309: donation, no value stated, Kelly Pegher Guerra to Nicholas Guerra.

Sabine St. 3215: $85,000, Augusta Falorni Bertuccelli to Jose Alfredo Vidales Campos.

Verret St. 926-928: $50,000, Rickey Addison and Veronica Smith Addison to Bargeboard LLC.

W. Park Court 200: $12,000, Marsha Hooper Beaven and William F. Beaven to Wood Peckerz Colombia LLC.

$7,000: City of New Orleans to Equity Trust Company Custodian and Hayla Anna Dubolsky IRA.

District 6

Aline St. 910: $275,000, 914 Aline LLC to 910 Aline LLC.

Audubon St. 1929: $552,000, Carol Shapley Etter and John Karl Etter to Dale E. Oneill and Timothy Patrick Springer.

Calhoun St. 1545-47: $850,000, Susan H. Jumonville to Gabrielle Beauregard Toledano and Kurtis Charles Gantert.

Camp St. 4021-23: $600,000, Elliott R. Thomas to Ali Rodolfo Bustamante, Catherine Samantha Tearle and Valerie Alison Tablada Bustamante.

Camp St. 7046: $450,000, Erin Elizabeth Pelleteri Howser to Andrew Robert Lauber and Keely Pelleteri Lauber.

Chestnut St. 5313-15: $665,000, Kevin R. Derham and Natalie Rinck Derham to Jose David Tafur and Suzanne Soniat Pfefferle Tafur.

Constantinople St. 1020: $687,000, Amelia Moss Murphy Living Trust to Claire Seligman and Hugh Charles Seligman.

Delachaise St. 2112-14: $145,000, Christian William Thorne III to South Coast Capital LLC.

Freret St. 7309: $290,000, Aimee Rabalais Lewis and Jay Andrew Lewis Jr. to 7309 Freret Street LLC.

General Taylor St. 2810: $55,000, Omni Realty LLC to 4107 09 Clara St. LLC.

Jefferson Ave. 1423: $1,820,000, Milton Walsh Seiler Jr. to David William Talley McLaughlin and Patrick Kelly McLaughlin Talley.

Jena St. 2528-30: $550,000, Usb Capital LLC to Harvey George Burns.

Laurel St. 3825-3827: $325,000, Madelyn Mix Bonnot to Sara M. Lowenburg.

Magazine St. 5933-35: $800,000, Raines Management LLC to John M. Ward Exemption Trusts, Nathalie Nelson Ward Bergeron and Thomas P. Bergeron.

Prytania St. 5022: $630,000, Annis Mayfield Gearheard and Nall Edward Gearheard to Linda Mauskopf Larsen and Robert G. Larsen.

Soniat St. 2525: $410,000, 2525 Soniat St. LLC to Azubuike M. Emejulu.

St. Charles Ave. 3915: $338,500, Edward George Muchmore to Susannah Poole Miller, Susannah Poole Pinzino and Thomas F. Pinzino.

St. Charles Ave. 4801: $2,000,000, Susan Reimer Roskind to Candice A. Gwinn.

State St. 1431: $1,005,000, Austin David Weaver Marks and Carrie Bart Marks to Georg P. Venturatos and MacKenzie Kidd Venturatos.

Trianon Plaza 2: $553,333, Irvin M. Mayfield Jr. to Donald Ray Brinson and Guiqin Fan Brinson.

Upperline St. 3322: $250,000, Caroline Clark Leggio to Emily Caudwell Straub.

Upperline St. 3516: $345,000, Drena Kowalski Johnson and Edward Johnson to Si Sherman Inc.

Webster St. 425-27: $695,000, Jason C. Mussell and Kelly K. Gajewski Mussell to Hillary Herbert Christiansen and Zachary Ryan Christiansen.

$38,738, City of New Orleans to Mad III LLC.

District 7

Benjamin St. 7711-13: $308,000, Robert Emil Ritter II to TR Investments of No LLC.

Cambronne St. 1716-1718: $220,000, Sylvie Chizallet to Matthew Palmer and Teresa Krasnow.

Cohn St. 8914: $47,500, Nigel Gibson to Ctn Holdings LLC and Kingcake Real Estate LLC.

Dublin St. 1000; Freret St. 8205-07: $475,000, Adam Juneau, Bridget Dwyer Wilkerson, Marie Theresa Ewing Moniotte, Nicholas Juneau, Patrick Juneau, Ted Ewing, Theo Ewing and Thomas Ewing to Brad S. Rosenblat and Jacqueline Kay Rosenblat.

Fern St. 1013; Freret St. 7837: $100, Vicki Herman Amann to Adrienne Laborde Ehrensing and Lucas H. Ehrensing Jr.

Fig St. 8007: $500,000, Jouandot Enterprises LLC to Troy James Gullage.

General Ogden St. 3130-3032: $95,000, Leonard T. Bell to Byron W. Brooks.

Green St. 8832: $50,000, Alvin Banks Sr. to Crouch Construction LLC.

Holly Grove St. 1615: $42,500, Eartha J. Martin to Dreamality LLC.

Leonidas St. 3118-20: $251,500, Cta Lapalco LLC to Gloria Robinson Bingmon and Jarvain Bingmon.

Metairie Road 818: $10, Avd LLC to Nancy Ann Gilbertson and Todd Eric Gilbertson.

Mistletoe St. 3408: $90,000, Leroy Joseph Melton Jr., Lois Melton and Sister Mary Concetta Osp Melton to Nabeel Hafeel and Niranjala Wijekoon Hafeel.

Oak St. 7909-7911: $685,000, Earl F. Sundmaker III and Staci Wilson Sundmaker to Jesse Hemeter and Laura Povinelli Hemeter.

Pontchartrain Blvd. 6246: $330,000, Brian C. Bent and Kim Lagraize Bent to Delouse Properties LLC.

Spencer Ave. 225: $322,500, Rachel Hunt Blanchard and Wesley James Blanchard to Rachel Ann Perez.

S. Claiborne Ave. 8320: $212,500, David E. Combe Jr. and Peter C. Combe to Antony J. Thomas and Katharine Hall Thomas.

Sylvia Ave. 5829: $350,000, Daniel Lund III and Elizabeth Rock Lund to Fouad K. Zeton Sr.