Wilbur P. Giarrusso III sold this home at 116 Shrewsbury Court in Jefferson to Gia T. Pieri and William F. McCandless for $280,000.

Daniel Erath


Transfers for Feb. 8-12


Normandy Ave. 101: Donation, Robert Snell to Terrie Rebstock and Russell J. Rebstock.

Riverside Drive 6725: Donation, Joann Kidder, John A. Limberg III, Julie A. Limberg and Matthew T. Limberg to Marie Barrios and Timothy E. Barrios.


Karen Ave. 4505: $59,200, Marcia Anderson, Wilford B. Daigrepont, Kelly Nuckley and Chanell Rainey to Shannie Farmer and Samuel J. Farmer.

Karen Ave. 4505: $74,000, Marie E. R. Daigrepont to Shannie Farmer and Samuel J. Farmer.

Shrewsbury Court 116: $280,000, Wilbur P. Giarrusso III to Gia T. Pieri and William F. McCandless.


Antigua Drive 54-56: $171,000, Darleen G. Maxwell Living Trust to Champ Ventures LLC.

Calcasieu Court 9: $256,000, Carlos R. Mendieta to Kelly M. Hopkins.

Cameron Court 649: $122,500, Luis R. Midence to Holman A. Sevilla.

Cycas 20: $870,000, Michael N. Beck and Robynn Beck to Mohammad Hassan and Tahmina Hassan.

Emerson Drive 128: $117,500, Larry S. Schields to Ai Carter.

Incarnate Word Drive 408: $187,000, Gustavo Morter to James J. Ridder.

Kenner Project, section 1, lots 50 through 61, square 23: $375,000, Wr Rogge Inc. to Crestview 50 LLC.

Lake Trail Drive 3921: $223,500, Steven M. Finney to Marcela Buta.

Milan St. 9009: $13,400, Daisy L. Barrow to Constance M. Adams.

Plantation Drive 300: Donation, Delice S. Davis to Dominque M. Williams.

South Kenner Ave. 116: $80,000, Robert L. Fox and Kerry M. Fox to Scott C. Muhoberac and Melissa S. Muhoberac.

Toby Lane 5009: $289,000, Andrew G. Doran and Arleen D. Doran to Bonnie T. Morales.

West Louisiana State Drive 336: Donation, Eduardo F. Harris to Celin M. DeHarris.


Asher St. 6704: $185,000, Robert S. Taylor and Donna Taylor to Saundi Casey.

Carrollton Ave. 1334-36: $375,000, Mary K. Zahn and William Zahn to Matthew Scalco and Elizabeth Scalco.

Country Club Addition subdivision, lot 3: $310,000, Lisa M. Corkern to Carolyn Haynes and Michael Haynes.

Dimaggio Place 5730-32: Donation, Barbara Scholl to Diana Bercaw and James D. Bercaw.

East St. Mary subdivision, lot 129A1: $169,000, Walter S. Bodet and Eileen C. Bodet to Lowell J. Pitre and Sheri S. Pitre.

Elise Ave. 1208: $142,000, Robert D. Landry to Celso E. Hernandez.

Elmeer Ave. 752: $219,000, Lisa S. Batty and Samuel G. Thom III to Jeffrey H. Cooperman.

Frankel Ave. 1821: Donation, Elizabeth T. Ricks to Luis Zepeda.

Green Acres Road 1418: $374,000, ANS Development Inc. to Tae S. Yim and Sohee S. Yim.

Jefferson Ave. 212: $410,000, Saundi Casey and Henry S. Casey to Schneider Construction & Restoration Inc.

Multiple properties: $34,425,000, Castlle Severn Apartments, Clearmont Apartments, Williamsburg Apartments, Yorkshire Edenborn Apartments and Bratten Investments Ltd to ACV IX LLC.

N. Lester Ave. 729: $60,000, Allen W. Vinet, Cary G. Vinet and Julie A. V. Lombardino to James G. Meche and Anne D. Meche.

North Turnbull Drive 2100: Donation, Gladys Ortiz and Mario R. Pineda to Gladys Pineda and Mario R. Pineda.

North Turnbull Drive 1401: $177,178, Grey Line Properties Inc. to Salmar Properies LLC.

Old Metairie Place 1030: $293,000, Kevin G. Higgins and Higgins Metairie Properties LLC to Margaret N. Shirer and Robert J. Shirer.

Pontchartrain Shores subdivision, lot 38, square 31: $700,000, Dipak A. Patel and D. A. Patel to Assad Albakaa.

Prairie St. 4436-B: $255,000, Charlmers West Properties LL to Andree P. Blakemore.

Ridgewood Drive 803: $275,000, Regina Cox and Ralph M. Cox to Nicholas A. Cox.

Taft Park subdivision, lot 8, square 24: $90,000, Barbara Duncan and Warren J. Duncan to Gem Investments LLC.

Tolmas Drive 3617: $350,000, Shi G. Zheng to Janet Ladner.

Troy St. 4320: $238,500, Louis C. Carboni and Eloise M. Carboni to Andrew S. Clavin.

W. William David Parkway 864: Donation, Calvin G. Cranfield III and Jan G. Cranfield to Stanley B. Stopa and Keith A. B. Stopa.


Dilton St. 413: $186,000, Shane C. Ward to James E. Williams Jr. and Heather Glaser.

Joel Ave. 9905: Donation, Merry H. Schneider to Michael L. Schneider.

Lenormand Park subdivision, lot 44, square G: $143,000, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Fatone LLC.

Rensu Drive 8937: $115,000, Adair Holdings LLC to HC Fusion Investment Inc.