New Orleans

Transfers for April 10 to April 14

District 1

Carondelet St. 334: $247,500, Western Union Building LLC to Elizabeth Constance Maroun and Tony Youssef Maroun.

Clio St. 4218-20; Clio St. 4220: $50,000, Lees Professional Properties LLC to Richard Stephan Witzig.

Constance St. 1357-59: $551,125, Diane Wheeler Nicholson Dimeo to Kyle Hubbs.

D'Hemecourt St. 4133-35: $375,000, Wuilmer Manzanares to Christopher Marcus Gradney.

Erato St. 4131: $230,000, I Am New Orleans LLC to Jana A. Billiot.

Prytania St. 1615: $450,000, Estate of Alvin K. Halpern and Estate of Theone Milman Halpern to John C. Enochs.

S. Peters St. 900: $890,000, Joel P. Landry to James C. Pearl.

S. Olympia St. 323-25: $415,000, Megan Catherine Hintz Trapani to Corey S. Lloyd and Maeghan E. Livaccari Lloyd.

S. Salcedo St. 712-14: $19,000, Hike Dilbert to Andre Debrueys Cardinale and John Cardinale.

S. White St. 425: $285,000, Suzanne J. Mason Deskin to Mark W. Clayton.

St. Charles Ave. 1000: $580,000, Jefferson D. Stewart II and Lily Jane Shiel Stewart to Saint Chuck Properties Ltd LLC.

Terpsichore St. 1020: $147,000, Jonathan M. Goedecke to Christopher Michael Smith.

Tulane Ave. 2320: $350,000, Jeffrey A. Briggs Sr. and Michele Escott Briggs to Carro Coble Gardner, Elizabeth Gardner Boeing, J. Warren Gardner Jr., Monique Gaudin Garner, William Boeing and William Russell Gardner.

District 2

Argonne Blvd. 6667: $345,000, Emily Brummer Villavaso and Stephen P. Villavaso to Michael S. Toland.

Bragg St. 300: $522,500, John Lawrence Degeneres Jr. to Ryan P. McCavitt and Shay Caubarreaux McCavitt.

Dauphine St. 815A: $965,000, South Louisiana Petroleum Company LLC to Charlene Walters Glisson and Robert Dean Glisson.

Dauphine St. 1009: $485,000, John Dove Jr. to Jeffrey A. Nickerson and Kim M. Nickerson.

Decatur St. 125-127: $47,300, Bluegreen Louisiana LLC to Vacation Trust Inc.

Decatur St. 125-127: $19,941.44, Bluegreen Louisiana LLC to Vacation Trust Inc.

Decatur St. 113-115; Decatur St. 117-119: $33,100, Bluegreen Louisiana LLC to Vacation Trust Inc.

Decatur St. 125-127: $53,900, Bluegreen Louisiana LLC to Vacation Trust Inc.

E. Park Place 96: $411,000, Nancy E. Ranna Blanchard to Lynne Lea Tichter Roesler and Toby Albert Roesler.

Marshall Foch St. 6522: $428,000, Christy Anthony Clement Jr., Craig Dominic Clement Sr. and Wayne Edward Clement Sr. to Jennifer Dibuono Sparacio and Salvador A. Sparacio III.

N. Roman St. 914: $26,153.72, Janet Howard to Dreamality LLC and Rashad Stevenson.

N. Roman St. 914: $45,000, Dreamality LLC and Rashad Stevenson to Gutters Tech La LLC.

Polk St. 996: $372,000, Jan Jeffrey Davis and Mark E. Davis to Kevin Lee Jones and Kylie Unger Jones.

Robert E. Lee Blvd. 751: $320,000, Angelina Maria Christina Corales, Carlo Douglas Christina, Mary Grace Christina Blacklidge, Murphy S. Christina, Nezzie Rose Christina Ducros, Rose Mary Christina Moley and Salvadore Christina Jr. to AVD LLC.

Royal St. 711: $250,000, Jean Johanson Lowrey and William T. Lowrey Jr. to Robert Alwine.

St. Ann St. 2520: $345,000, Vagno Aparecido Dos Santos to Laura Anderson Bell and Robert J. Bell Jr.

St. Ann St. 2718-20: $245,000, Akul Natwarlal Nishawala and Amanda Kathleen Crosbie Shepherd to Amy L. Scheller.

St. Ann St. 2804-06: $102,500, Ericka Lorraine Reed Okafor and Michael Emeka Okafor to Burnett Property Development LLC.

Sherwood Forest Drive 127-29: $525,000, Gina Exnicios Minton, Janice Exnicios Mosher, Joan Marie Exnicios, Judith Exnicios Almerico, Mark A. Boucree, Michael J. Minton and Robert W. Mosher to Elorice Horam Hodge and Gregory P. Hodge.

Ursulines Ave. 2310: donation, no value stated, Brenda Johnson Singleton, Diane Jones Thompson, Tamara Johnson Morris, Tamia Johnson and Wilfred Johnson Jr. to Chanel Jones Brooks.

District 3

A.P. Tureaud St. 1801-03: $230,000, Lone Wulff Properties LLC to Francine Tazetta Goldstein Yerkes.

Alabo St. 1430: $88,000, Carolyn Spears Canonge and Stanton J. Canonge to Eddie Parker and Karen M. Jacob Parker.

Alabo St. 1430: donation, no value stated, Karen M. Jacob Nelson and Karen M. Jacob Parker to Eddie Parker.

Almonaster Ave. 2042-44: $167,000, Roak Real Estate LLC to Richard Parian.

Burgundy St. 1811: $350,000, Joshua D. Erwin and Nadia T. Erwin to KCM Development LLC.

Calais St. 13011: donation, $98,700, Evalena White Collins and Evalena White Reed to Troy Ledell Reed.

Cartier Drive 6414: $590,000, Paul A. Spindt to Nicholas Musso Jr. and Temple Stephens Klaimon.

Castiglione St. 3140: $80,000, Jack R. Crais to Nola Renewal Group LLC.

Chartres St. 2623-25: donation, no value stated, Andrew R. Perez

Congress St. 909-911: $345,000, TDS Bywater LLC to Jane K. Geisler and Stephen M. Geisler.

Curran Blvd. 6654: $164,000, Loretta Patterson McCarthy Fleming to Elza Calvin Robertson and Lance C. Robertson.

Curran Road 10141: $10, Interurban Housing Corporation to Jamestown Apartments LLC.

Curran Blvd. 10501: $17,250,000, Cove At Nola LLC to 2016 AVHG Cove LLC.

Dauphine St. 5006-08: $320,000, Cary Davis Arfllin to Mary Logan Rooney and Stephen M. Rooney.

Dorothea St. 6361: $27,500, Christell G. Washington to Harvwood LLC.

Dorsett Drive 7824-26: $85,000, Mohinder Singh Bamba Living Trust, Ravinder Bamba, Sonya Bamba Shah, and Vanetta Bamba Alexander to Joseph Fincher and Shana Chiasson Fincher.

E. Homestead Drive 1943: donation, no value stated, Roderick Celestine and Trishanna Celestine to Debra Celestine.

Flood St. 1731-33: $8,000, Family Advocacy and Neighborhood Services Incorporated to Jared A. White.

Hayne Blvd. 16005: $90,000, Jason C. Cutrer to James Andrew Fincher, Julie Naquin Fincher.

Jasmine St. 2522: $55,000, Summit Restorations LLC to Davis Rei LLC.

Jonquil St. 2756-2758: $183,000, Eugene John Dall, Ilana Bloch Dall and Shelley Irene Dall Harrigan to Aric Michael Lebrun and Denise Deuss Lebrun.

Joycelyn Drive 4437-39: $35,000, Kim Hue T. Vu Nguyen and Long Ung Nguyen to Carolyn Linh Tran Dinh and Steven Luyen Dinh.

Jourdan Ave. 725: $196,000, Rdg Construction & Development LLC to Kathleen Yupa Sullivan.

Jumonville St. 4213: $22,500, Adam J. Parselle to Lam Estate LLC.

Kingsport Blvd. 7535: $40,500, Louise Butler Joseph to Hamilton Howard.

Kuebel Drive 6033-35: $105,000, Barbara Ann Watson Woods to Monica M. Rainey.

Lake Forest Blvd. 40867: $50,000, Cousins 40867 Lake Forest LLC to 5555 Bullard LLC.

Lake Forest Blvd. 9890: $85,000, 9890 Lake Forest Blvd LLC to Universal Printing LLC.

Lehigh St. 7525: $156,000, Tara L. Butler to Joseph Porter and Lynell Mouton Porter

Mendez St. 2264: $195,000, Armstrong N. Construction LLC to Evelyn Compton.

N. Johnson St. 811: donation, no value stated, David M. Olasky to Emily M. Washington Olasky.

N. Prieur St. 1637: $99,000, Marlene Watler and Yvonne Porter to Cynthia A. Watler.

N. Roman St. 1858-60: $5,000, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to 1922 Laharpe Street LLC.

Pauger St. 2530: $58,000, Delores Carter Ogholoh and Esbii A. Ogholoh to James E. Smith Jr.

Savoie Court 4866: $112,000, Joyce Ricard Poche, and Marcelle Poche Lewis to Thu Trang T. Ngo Nguyen and Thu Trang T. Ngo Tran.

Shalimar Drive 4409-11: $127,000, Brenda Leonard Hollins to Jada Banks.

Summer 822-24: $117,000, Elaine Yochim Holmes Poche to Carol Paris Love and Lee A. Love Sr.

Touro St. 2025: $54,500, Pizazz LLC to Denita Henderson.

W. Wheaton Circle 9700: $83,000, La & Le Properties LLC to Son Huu Tran.

District 4

Fourth St. 1833-1835: $383,000, Caroline E. Lanford to Marie J. Scavetta.

Josephine St. 1425: $100, Allison Boothe Drummond and Tom M. Drummond III to Amy Foster Neill and Garrison P. Neill.

Second St. 729; Second St. 731-35: $259,000, 729 Second LLC to John Louis Eskew.

Second St. 3208-10: $90,000, Lawrence L. Fuselier, Margaret Frances Collom Fuselier to Elliott Workman.

Simon Bolivar Ave. 2114-16: $250,000, Ebony Williams White and Jarrett Philip White to Benjamin M. Glover.

St. Andrew St. 2134: $22,500, Adam J. Parselle to Lam Estate LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 2111: $500, John Randy Winecoff to Charles Darryl Mucker Sr. and Lea Dorsey Mucker.

District 5

Abalon Court 328: $30,000, Richard Theodore Kuntz to Michael Ray Melton and Sherry Lee Melton.

Glen Abby Way 11: donation, no value stated, Naomi Hill Tyler and Norman Tyler to Timothy Ray Tyler.

Herald St. 3618: $112,000, James Wood Pearson and Rose Chapin Pearson to Mark A. Bearchild.

Hudson Place 2556: donation, no value stated, Terry A. Dixon to Etsegenet Wodajo.

Odeon St. 1018: $4,995, Norwood Management LLC to Emerald Joy Pallera Empleo and Val Alex Empleo.

Rhodes Ave. 104: $175,000, Maureen Ohare Lauden to Crystal J. Stewart and Ivory B. Stewart Sr.

Roselyn Park Place 200: donation, no value stated, Clara Anguis McVille Adams to Marc Francis McVille.

Roselyn Park Place 200: donation, no value stated, Gerald M. Adams and Louis B. Adams Jr. to Marc Francis McVille.

Southlawn Blvd. 1212: donation, no value stated, Brandon G. Vicknair to Pam Mohr Vicknair.

Third St. 535: $130,000, Renaissance Property Holding Corp. to George L. Patterson III.

Tullis Drive 5760: $130,000, Anthony Irvin Laurent Jr. and Lisa Wilson Laurent to Daniel Gentry and Lashanda Johnson Gentry.

Vallette St. 437-39: $445,000, Bargeboard LLC to Ann C. Cobb Dingle and Robert H. Cataliotti.

District 6

Aline St. 913-915: donation, no value stated, Amanda Louise Green to Thomas William Seale Jr.

Amelia St. 2525: $34,000, Dlsb Homes LLC to Marengo Investments LLC.

Annunciation St. 4134: $310,000, James R. Stier to Allison Riggs Madden and Daniel J. Madden.

Broadway St. 304-306: $390,000, Carolyn Menard Breaux and Edgar Paul Breaux III to Mary Jean Masters and Richard W. Masters.

Calhoun St. 1332-34: $1,220,000, James F. Elliott III and Shirley Bush Elliott to Clarence S. Mills, Sarah Patton Mills and Sarah Patton Mulholland.

Coliseum St. 4016: $500,000, Daniel A. Driver and Rebecca S. Miller Driver to Larry W. Tillman Jr.

Constance St. 4000: $515,000, Reita Leigh Lawrence to Chadd J. Matheny and Christa Haggart Matheny.

General Pershing St. 2317-2319: donation, no value stated, David C. Kimberly to Nancy L. Wolfe Kimberly.

Jefferson Ave. 3315: $338,000, Meagan Hingle Casey and Peter M. Casey to Leila Labens.

Jena St. 2200-02: $255,000, Saul Tyson Jr. to 2200 Jena LLC.

Laurel St. 5247: $399,000, Leslie Estes Menasche and Leslie Estes Rhodes to River4 One LLC.

Palmer Ave. 2830-2832: $475,000, April Lynn Friedman and Eve E. Friedman to Wendy Duckworth Edwards and William L. Edwards.

Peniston St. 1716: $250,000, Eric Kelly Jenkins to Paradigm Property Investments LLC.

Philip St. 2512-14; Philip St. 2516-18: $150,000, Larma Dell Hill and Larma Hill Thomas to Kimble Properties LLC.

S. Liberty St. 2917: $4,000, Daryl J. Hietpas to Danton Moses.

S. Miro St. 4536-4538: $378,000, Pd Properties LLC to S. & A. Property Holdings LLC.

Vincennes Place 4019: donation, no value stated, Russell J. Frank to Chontell Carter.

Willow St. 3741-43: $7,000, Michael Compagno to 2224 Louisiana Ave LLC.

District 7

Forshey St. 9327: $10,000, Community Improvement Agency, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, Nora and Sajea Inc. to Hector G. Estrada.

Joliet St. 1928: $87,600, Inez Shedricka Beal Jones and Jabari Akobi Jones to Bobby Williams Jr., and Lakeisha Lynn Williams.

Lake Marina Drive 500: $189,000, Dominique Joseph Molezun Jr. to Craig Accardo and Lana Bordelon Accardo.

Maryland Drive 30: $380,000, Emily Fitzmorris Birtel and Robert C. Birtel to Britton Alexander Andrews and Marguerite Logan Andrews.

Monroe Court 8700: donation, no value stated, Mark R. Dennehy to Mark R. Dennehy Irrevocable Living Trust.

Spruce St. 7709: $425,000, Joseph A. Butler Jr. to Joseph A. Butler Jr. and Sarah N. Bolton Butler.