Hundreds of masqueraders clogged the Marriott Grand Ballroom on Saturday to make merry and pay tribute to the monarchs who presided over the 49th edition of Carnival’s most irreverent spectacle — the Krewe of Tucks post-parade celebration.

This year’s parade them, "Tucks Happens!," was inspired by the krewe’s iconic symbols: bejeweled brushes, plastic plungers and the porcelain throne.

Like St. Charles Avenue adorned with billowing streamers of Tucks tissue, riders dutifully swirled around the dance floor clad as emojis inspired by the theme.

King Wendell Dufour and Queen C.C. Kahr Wallis reigned over the throngs of loyal subjects, flush with post-parade ecstasy. Her majesty looked the very picture of Carnival couture in a purple and green gown trimmed in gold. The king cut a dashing figure in a regal doublet and coronet. As always, their scepters were festooned with precious gems carried by prior monarchs — a set of family jewels.

The royal couple was preceded by the customary contingent of lovely maidens, clad in the krewe’s traditional French maid gowns: Alayna Sherman, Allison Shapiro, Amanda Rosensweig, Barbara Evans, Elizabeth Allain, Emily, Gabby Boudoin, Gigi Melichar, Julie Hughes, KC Flaker, Kelly Gardner, Mary King, Meg O’Brien, Morgan Burns, Penny Labor, Shana “Pinky” Harris, Stephanie Mathieu and Stephanie Armbruster.

Once introductions were made, a marching band led king, queen and cohort on gilded floats drawn by vassals through the crowd. The court tossed beads and other favors to the adoring masses.

After several passes, the royal court disembarked and danced the night away.