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“The High Priestess of Dark Alley,” a contemporary New Orleans drama from writer Jackie Alexander (“Brothers from the Bottom”), opens this weekend at Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré.

“My Golden Days (Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse),” a devastating romance from French writer-director Arnaud Desplechin, unreels in three distinct, unequal acts. Part one recounts the tortured, tragic childhood of Paul Dédalus. Act two details a da…

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The magician heist movie “Now You See Me 2” disappears with not a poof, but in a hyperkinetic blur of hectic plot mechanics, ceaselessly nattering characters and so many ploys of misdirection that the film’s own direction got lost up someone’s sle…

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“Togetherness,” the Duplass brothers’ modern-love dramedy, returns to HBO for its second season at 9:30 p.m. Sunday. The story restarts on location in New Orleans, where a quartet of entwined characters resumes exploring almost-midlife work, famil…

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Filmmakers Jay and Mark Duplass work much the same way they did when they first started using their dad’s camcorder to make little movies at home. Their screen product is the definition of hand-held -- quick, efficient, economical – with lots of d…

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“The Hunger Games,” a trilogy in its original book form but an overstretched quartet in movie form, concludes with some padding but also in-the-line-of-fire action and suspense and big, impressive special effects. Best of all, Jennifer Lawrence co…