The fifth annual NOLA Horror Film Fest runs Friday through Sunday.

An opening party will be at 8 p.m. Thursday at Mag’s 940, 940 Elysian Fields Ave. Admission is $5.

The Horror Film Fest’s mission is to promote horror, sci-fi and fantasy filmmaking in Louisiana, as well as nationally and internationally. Last year’s festival drew sold-out crowds.



6:45 p.m.: Short Films Block 1

“YOUR DIRECTION”: A music video by the San Francisco-based duo The Boy Dahlia.

“20 HZ”: A film about sounds that go unheard.

“AVANT”: A boy tries to survive a world turned to ashes by war between humans and machines.

“THE BLOOD OF LOVE”: Unwilling to accept the death of her husband, a young widow acquires a machine that can bring him back to life.

“THE GROUP”: A flirtation between two timid attendees at a support group isn’t so innocent.

“HAG”: A man experiences sleep paralysis whenever his wife sleepwalks.

“MURDERING KATARINA”: A sci-fi-horror-comedy involving human-like robots.

9 p.m.: Feature Film

“CHIMERES”: A young man receives a blood transfusion in Romania and later suffers from a strange disease. Also the short film “Blattaria.”

11:15 p.m.: Feature Film

“CLINGER”: A possessive boyfriend dies in a gruesome accident and then returns as a lovesick ghost. Also the short film “Lifeline.”


Noon: Shorts Block 2

“NO ONE HERE BUT US BONES”: A woman travels into the past to face her ex-lovers.

“APPARATCHICK”: A low-level employee endures an unpleasant performance-review session in this stop-motion animated short.

“THE TRAP”: A man invents a trap for aliens.

“THE ARMY WITHIN”: Small-town sweethearts Traye and Sal find themselves in the midst of an alien invasion.

“IN EXTREMIS”: A mysterious museum curator sends a night watchman to guard the facility’s cellar.

“IVORY SHADOWS”: A college professor struggles to move on after his wife’s death.

“CLAUDE”: In 1950, a ritualistic serial killer terrorizes Los Angeles.

“A STRANGER KIND”: In this modern-day fairy tale, a woman ekes out an existence in a threadbare cabaret.

2:15 p.m.: Feature Film

“REVERIES OF A SOLITARY WALKER”: Characters in three different eras are united by a mutual dream of freedom. Shown with short films “Demons” and “The Black Forest.”

6:45 p.m.: Feature Film

“CONTAINMENT”: Neighbors in an apartment discover their doors and windows sealed shut. With shorts “Enfilade” and “Let Me See Your Eyes.”

9 p.m.: Feature Film

“THE HOUSE ON PINE STREET”: Following a mental breakdown, a pregnant woman reluctantly returns to her hometown.

11:15 p.m.: Feature Film

“BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS”: A low-level but dutiful employee is stuck in a boring job at a soul-killing corporation. His office mates start going through disturbing changes. With shorts “One-Minute Time Machine” and “Soccer Moms in Peril.”

4:30 p.m.: Screenplay Readings


Noon: Shorts block 3

“COME WITH ME”: A girl triumphs over the darkness that lurks in the forest.

“THE HUCKSTER”: Nine children are trapped in a 19th century mansion.

“KNOCK, KNOCK …”: During a stormy night, a small boy hears a knocking sound.

“THE SMILING MAN”: A girl who’s home alone meets pure evil.

“MR. DENTONN”: On a cold winter night, Laura reads to her younger brother a story about a creature that attacks children.

“EL GIGANTE”: After attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, Armando awakens in an unknown room with a Mexican wrestling mask sewn into his neck.

“DEVIL MAKES WORK”: Satan’s twisted view of humanity.

“KISS THE DEVIL IN THE DARK”: A dark fantasy set in a mythical Victorian-era world.

2:15 p.m.: Panel Talk

4:30 p.m.: Feature Film

“YOU’RE KILLING ME”: Joe tells his boyfriend he’s a serial killer. With shorts “IBOP” and “My Life Is a Dream.”

6:45 p.m.: Feature Film

“TRACE”: A group of friends experiment with EVP (electronic voice phenomena). Also the short film “Inherent Noise.”

9 p.m.: Awards Ceremony