Royal Teeth

Freret Street Publiq House

4528 Freret St.

9 p.m.

(504) 826-9912

Gary Larsen, singer for the effervescent pop band Royal Teeth, rarely seems grounded by gravity or conventional energy reserves. He leads the audience by example, inviting them to sing and dance by doing the same in songs that make it easy to do both. The disproportionate passion he brings to wordless choruses can almost seem over the top, but vocalist Nora Patterson makes the emotions a little more real.


Ty Segall

One Eyed Jacks

615 Toulouse St.

10 p.m.

(504) 569-8361

Garage/pop/rock artist Ty Segall is a machine, releasing albums frequently under a handful of names on a number of labels. Unlike many artists who are prolific because they lack an inner editor, Segall is consistently good, and each album has a reason to exist beyond compulsion. His recent “Manipulator” presents his take on classic rock from the early 1970s, and the songs benefit from the attention to musical details that matter to fans of bands from that era.


Bill Kirchen and Redd Volkaert

Chickie Wah Wah

2828 Canal St.

9 p.m.

(504) 304-4714

Guitar picker Bill Kirchen is best known as the guitarist on Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen’s classic “Hot Rod Lincoln,” and he returns to Chickie Wah Wah on a regular basis. This time, he’s joined by Redd Volkaert, who can match Kirchen twang for twang. Kirchen also will conduct a guitar workshop at 2 p.m.