Vampire Weekend could not have looked preppier when the band closed the Samsung Galaxy Stage Sunday afternoon. Singer Ezra Koenig wore a white long-sleeved shirt and camouflage cargo shorts, while bassist Chris Baio sported white pants — before Memorial Day.

The band is known for incorporating elements of African music into its sound, but after a half-hour those elements simply seemed like an affection for trebly guitars and a bass played up the neck. The resulting sound sparked dancing wherever people had enough room.

The skittering energy of “Cousins” and “A-Punks” was hampered a bit by the festival’s booming drum sound, but the fans singing along clearly weren’t put off.

The regular set ended with its most emotional moment, the patient “Obvious Bicycle” and its chorus, “Don’t wait.” After a short break, the band returned and started to play Kool and the Gang’s “Hollywood’s Swingin’” and Cream’s “White Room” but switched back to their own songs, concluding with the bouncy “Walcott.”

“The first time we came to New Orleans we slept on floors,” Koenig said at the end of the show. “Now we get to sleep in beds. Thank you, New Orleans.”