Darius Rucker

7 p.m.

Bold Square Music at Champions Square, 1 Lasalle St.

(504) 587-3663,

Darius Rucker made his name fronting the acoustic rock band Hootie and the Blowfish, then went country. Listen again to Hootie’s hits or last year’s “True Believers” album and it’s clear that it wasn’t a big jump. It did give him a true country hit with “Wagon Wheel,” but it also gave him Hootie-like songs. In concert, he continues to blur the line with songs from across his career and classic rock covers.


The Afghan Whigs

9 p.m.

Civic Theatre, 510 O’Keefe Ave.

(504) 272-0865,

Few singers have dramatized the dissolute life like The Afghan Whigs’ Greg Dulli. In his songs, his characters know they’re making bad choices but make them anyway and hang on for the consequences. Much of the band reunited last year to record a new album, “Do to the Beast,” which continues to funnel soul, funk and R&B through a rock lineup with a love of harrowing tension. In Dulli’s songs, people are headed to bed, to battle or both, and music treats them as virtually the same high-impact things.


The Felice Brothers

9 p.m.

Tipitina’s, 501 Napoleon Ave.

(504) 895-8477,

Rowdy Americana band The Felice Brothers sound like guys from the outskirts of town — as aware of rural as city music, but they don’t identify with the cool kids. On this year’s “Favorite Waitress” album, the zydeco accordions and fiddles bang into acoustic guitars on “Cherry Licorice” to root some songs in Acadiana, while an echoed, upright piano amber-tints a ballad. But the songs themselves have rock ’n’ roll urgency and split the difference between the nerdy emotional openness of The Avett Brothers and the sing-along kings, The Lumineers.