The New Orleans hip-hop label Cash Money hosted a reunion Saturday as one of its biggest stars and its house producer reunited for an hour of catalog hits and prime irreverence.

In their set together at the Congo Square stage at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Presented by Shell, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh strolled out to “Rich Niggaz” that featured the recorded cameo of Lil Wayne, the label’s biggest star. “I wish he was here,” Juvenile said. From there, the duo joined the crowd in a string of past hits: “Get Your Roll On,” “Ha,” “Gone Ride With Me,” and others from “400 Degreez,” his Cash Money debut from 1998.

He made note of the years with tongue in cheek: “Mr. ‘400 Degreez’ in the building y’all!” he said. “I’m hot. But I got a little stomach, so I’m a hot potato.”

Fresh played the hype man, adding vocal clicks and sound effects while clutching a fat cigar. Wearing a camouflage jacket and Boston Red Sox cap, Juvenile reserved the raunchiest parts of his songs for the audience and later chided them: “You all gotta stop that cursing. This is rated PG.” Lest anyone think this maturity has blunted the years, he stopped the show to pose for a photo with the audience for his Instagram account.