Debutantes Elizabeth Ellinghausen, Aimee Lapeyre, KK Slatten and Meredith Tufton were hailed at “Southern Soiree,” a party hosted by their parents, Ed and Margie Ellinghausen, Tre and Holly Lapeyre, Michelle Slatten and Scott Slatten, and Peter and Linda Tufton. The Chicory on South Peters Street was the venue for the Down South vibes.

A certain Betsy figured in the fun, but nobody could actually locate her.

Luminous Events made a bright bash even more so. Designs included lighted lanterns down the hallway entrance, lights strung across the dance floor, Mason jar votives and burlap treatment. All around the party premises were small chalkboards scripted with Southern sayings and hand lettered by co-honoree Aimee Lapeyre. Favorite expressions were “It’s Better down South” and “Heavens to Betsy.” Thus, Betsy!

Deb brothers Ed, Ryan, Drew and William Ellinghausen were joined by grandparents Jimmy and Virginia Brooks (from Atlanta) for Elizabeth’s fun. Others were Pierce Brooks, Barry and Lisa Brooks, Ann and Michael Ecuyer, Isabel and Emily Strong, Isabel and Claiborne Schmidt, Nicole and David Waguespack, Lyn Hallaron, Chuck Walsten and Yvette Monju, Robert and Cheryl Redfearn, Grayson and Lana Lovick, Glenn and Nancy Adams, and John Humphreys and Al Coman. Said Drew Ellinghausen after the festive fact, “I had a good time, and it was my first night-time party for a while. My sister and her friends really had fun.”

The Lapeyre levity included deb grandmothers Diana Lapeyre and Haydee Manuel, deb brother Taylor Lapeyre with Katie Bell, Pam and Miles Clark (from Alexandria, Virginia), deb brother Parker Lapeyre and Maggie Schroeder, Alice Lapeyre, Angele and Alex Vialou, Elizabeth and Hunter Lapeyre, Stuart and Ann McKendrick, Craig and Kay Smith, David and Kristy Crane, Stanton and Lorri Murray, Jim and Sarah Lilly, John and Boo Kallenborn, and Jack and Monique Kerrigan.

Carolyn Little Browder, a professional floral designer in Memphis, answers to grandmother of deb KK. She was tapped to do the bash’s flowers along with her daughter, Michelle Slatten, KK’s mom. Hydrangeas, magnolia leaves, ivy, and palm fronds figured in the floral décor.

The sartorial statement, both on the invitation and sighted, was “Southern summer attire.” All the debs wore white dresses of individual choosing, but sported, in unison, corsages in different colors made of seersucker. The party was intended as a casual caper.

Another family member, deb Meredith’s sister Anne Tufton, participated in the party planning, thanks to her tasty mini cupcakes. To please the Southern taste buds, there were chicken and biscuits, fried green tomatoes, and jambalaya pasta. Cookie queen Joan Farrell even did a sweet “dough-si-dough” and came up with treats shaped like Mason jars.

A pervasive motif, the Mason jar was depicted on the invitation and tied at the neck with thin burlap rope. Attached to it was a four-petaled cloth flower.

Additional members of the Tufton family included deb siblings Margaret, Dr. Michael (who’s engaged to be married), Anne Tufton (with Caleb Kaywood) and Ashley Tufton. Among their best buddies were Al and Ann Colfry, Aline Walshe, Nanine d’Aquin, Miles and Martine Lewis, Jim and Catherine MacPhaille, Ashley MacPhaille, Mary Ferry Bigelow, Gus and Vivian Coutin, and Bill and Denise Hoffman.

Slatten socializers included deb brother Michael, and grandparents Mack and Carolyn Browder, and Alma Pettit and husband Bob. Also, Mike and Gina and Rilan Roppolo, Inez Hill, Morgan Wilkins, Maddy Tessler, Alexis Heard, Annie Tompkins, Rob and Jennifer Rosen, Ashley Keller, Aimee and Michael Bell, and Michael Downing.

Music, of course, had to figure in the “Southern”-scape and it did. Known for its wide scope of songs and a plethora of genres, Luv Sexy struck up the sounds. After the honored quartet made their rounds, they bounded to the floor to dance, dance, dance.

Relaxed revelry with a casual vibe was the goal and it was delightfully achieved. The “Sweet Southern Nite” highlighting Elizabeth, Aimee, KK and Meredith had them exclaiming what a great time they had when “y’all” was in thrall.

Around and About

On a recent Friday morning, the Tulane University Alumni Association held its Emeritus Club Induction and Awards Ceremony at the Audubon Tea Room. President Mike Fitts welcomed the assembly. Next up to the lectern, while club members and their guests enjoyed fruit cocktails and brunch fare, was Emeritus Club President Dwight J. LeBlanc Jr., who recognized the board and the Reunion Committee, as well as Ira Solomon, dean of Tulane’s A.B. Freeman School of Business. John E. Koerner III and Celia Scott Weatherhead were teamed to chair the 50th reunion of classmates who graduated in 1965.

The Emeritus Club invites alums who have reached the 50th anniversary of their graduation from Tulane University or Newcomb College to gather for social and intellectual events during the year. As such, those half-century alumni present at the brunch became new club members, inducted by EC President LeBlanc.

The highlight of the brunch was the recognition of two of the class of 1965’s most outstanding members: Louis L. “Lou” Frierson and John Koerner III, who were identified as “Pillars of the local business community.” They were joined by their respective wives, Ruthie and Ann. Mrs. Frierson, the former Ruthie Jones, was presented with the same EC award as Lou in 2012, making them the first couple to be so honored. Additionally, both Lou and John (also Johnny), have answered to Rex, king of Carnival.

Elsewhere, new presidential positions have been assumed by Shannon McCloskey Able (Junior League of New Orleans and succeeding Katherine Kleinpeter Raymond) and Colleen Eustis McLeod (Sybarites). A “Girls’ Night Out” at the home of Anne Redd celebrated Colleen’s new status as it thanked outgoing President Dana Hansel for all she’d done for her co-Sybarites.