Presentations within the framework of Carnival and history enjoyed limelight, thanks to the Children’s Carnival Club of New Orleans and its recent ball at the JW Marriott, and the Society of the War of 1812 Victory Ball at the Metairie Country Club. Both balls, although focusing on young people, claim a definite age and enjoy years of prominence.

A “Frozen” Fete

It was the 91st anniversary ball, a masked one, that Children’s Carnival Club staged at the JW Marriott on a recent Sunday afternoon. Special characters from “Frozen” were showcased, but the overall ambiance was one of warmth and enjoyment.

Reigning as King and Queen “Once Upon A Time” were Mr. Michael Patrick Karl, son of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Karl, and Miss Colleen Elisabeth Daly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Daly. From the court of 2015 came their majesties Garrett Thomas McNamara and Cecelia Frances Zimmermann, whose respective parents are Mr. and Mrs. Gary Joseph McNamara and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Michael Zimmermann.

It was quite an impressive sight to see the four royals, all outfitted in their monarchal finery, processing in the grand march.

Pages to the 2016 monarchs were Masters James Crochet Bell, Walsh Louis Bordes and Ira Benjamin Acosta. Likewise, the captains, Collin Laird Shannon, Lauren Ava Bruser and Mary Maxine Guy, numbered three.

Then there were the attendants, Misses Skila Pressly Hoffield, Colette Elizabeth Shannon, Camille Rosalie Borne Curran, Teresa Marie Vinas, Chloe Elise Shannon, Marais Elizabeth Bordes, Madison Katheryn Rodriguez, Emma Vallee Passler, Cecile Valentine Borne Curran, Laine Campbell Schreiber, Jaden Mikoski Erickson and Caroline Grace Daly.

Among the many beaming parents of the above and below court members were Jeremy and Cynthia Ellington Schreiber. All remarked on how much fun their youngsters were having.

The dukes were Gary Lee Bell Jr., Brendon Connolle Johnson, John Colby Shannon, John Gelpi Bendernagel, Evan Harriss Michell and Jefferson Randolph Walker. Their counterparts, the maids, were Lillian Reese Bruser, Eleanor Helen Hortensia Curtis, Colleen Marion Lee Fowler, Abigail Marie Green, and twins Anna Grace Heebe and Sarah Louise Heebe.

Always a high point of the annual ball, the snowy scintillation of the 2016 “Frozen” tableau charmed the crowd. Elsa was portrayed by Marguerite Ellen Thibeaux, and Anna by Macie Marie Rodriguez. As additional characters, there were Kristina Schwing Bickham, Olaf; Richard Dunkin Bell, Prince Hals; Miles Salmen Michell, Kristoff; and Liam John Borne Curran, Guard at Arms.

Additional program activity concerned the Toast of the Courts, those of 2016 and ’15; the presentation of a debutante of the season, Miss Elizabeth Lucy Carter; and the presentation of the Mayoral Proclamation. The Royal Entertainment was provided by The New Orleans Youth Ballet, Maria and Joseph Giacobbe School of Dance, with Richard Rholdon as the ballet master. Then came the presentation of the Royal Gift to St. Michael Special School, the grand march, the court dance, the krewe drill, royal greetings with dancing and merriment, and the grand finale. The musical momentum came from the Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra.

Messrs. Alan Brackett, W. Kenneth Mann Jr. and Curtis Rome, in turn, chaired the court, ball and floor committees. Assisting them were Messrs. Marvin J. Russell Jr. (whose in-attendance daughter, Allison Mrs. Ryan Waldron reigned in 1996 and joined quite a few former royals), Eugene Gambel, William Beatty, Charles Childress Jr., David De Genova and Mark Bickham.

The senior queen, who held the scepter as Miss Ann Porteous in 1949, was one of the former monarchs who made rounds. Her married name is Mrs. Eugene B. Vickery Jr. “I really enjoyed being present,” said her majesty Ann about her return. “I saw many people I knew.” Joining her was her son, William “Bill” Vickery, who will wed Hope Brown from Greenwood, Mississippi, in June.

After the bal masque, CCC principals and guests waited in the grand hallway next to the Ile de France Grand Ballroom for it to be transformed to the location for the three-hour Royal Supper Dance. The delights of food, music and majesty, thanks to the youthful King and Queen Once Upon A Time, prevailed with Carnival gusto.


The Grand Military Victory Ball of The Society of the War of 1812 in the State of Louisiana commemorated the Battle of New Orleans. The strictly formal event unfolded for three hours at the Metairie Country Club on a recent Thursday evening.

Presented as demoiselles were a half dozen young ladies. They were Misses Megan Elizabeth Campbell, daughter of Michael Campbell and Sheri Sausse, who represented New Orleans, and was escorted by her uncle, LTC Jacques Walker; Elizabeth Colon Toso, daughter of Michael J. Toso III and Monique C. Colon Toso, Louisiana, and escorted by grandfather Michael J. Toso Jr.; and Emily Kathleen Gray, daughter of LTC Edward Morris Gray III and Annette Garcia Gray, Delaware, and escorted by her father.

And, Misses Chloe Margaret Pelitere, daughter of Michael and Dr. Margaret Pelitere, Pennsylvania, and escorted by Mr. Marvin R. Russell Jr.; Madeleine De Haven Landry, daughter of Bryan Scott Landry and Barbara Ellen Lane Landry, Georgia, and escorted by Mr. William Daly; and Amanda Elizabeth Reso, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Randolph Reso, New Jersey, and escorted by Mr. Roger F. Villere II.

The Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra played as they processed, and later, lured guests to the dance floor.

Notables included Society President Edward O. Cailleteau, who, with his wife, Mrs. Cailleteau, portrayed Gen. and Mrs. Andrew Jackson. They were delighted to be joined by their daughter, Virginia, a former presentee, who flew in from Washington. Others were Society Vice President Ronald Drez and Mrs. Drez as Gov. and Mrs. William C.C. Claiborne; past President and Victory Ball Chairman Shannon Walgamotte (as Mayor Nicholas Girod) and spouse Lynda Moreau, ball matron, who sang “The Star-Spangled Banner”; and the above Mr. Russell and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Andrew Bickham, retired Judge and Mrs. John Cliffford Grout Jr., Dr. and Mrs. Gresham Talmadge Farrar Jr.; Dr. Paul Mire Melancon; and many others.

The uniforms of Society principals at the ball were similar to those worn by officers during the Battle of New Orleans.

Adding lovely floral appeal were the arrangements by Villere’s Florist, which were admired as guests sat for the pleasures of grits and grillades and eggs Sardou. Adding a sweet touch to cap the meal was king cake from Manny Randazzo’s Bakery.