The Bachelors’ Club of New Orleans enjoyed organizational bonhomie and the pleasure of the company of many of the debutantes who’ll be presented by the club in November. The New Orleans Country Club was the setting for the soiree. That same evening, siblings showed that two could tango. Casa Argentina presented a unique feat of feet during its dinner-show at the New Orleans Marriott at the Convention Center when brothers Enrique and Guillermo De Fazio, Los Hermanos Macana, danced together as a pair of Tango Celebration’s six performers.

The Bachelors’ Club

The New Orleans Banjos + 2 added noteworthy liveliness during the Summer Cocktail Party in the Founders’ Room of the New Orleans Country Club. Guests milled about, exchanging their summertime comings and goings while they enjoyed turtle soup, catfish bites, crab cakes, chicken flautas and pecan trout.

When it was time for the formalized greetings, Bachelors’ Club President Harlan Michael Schwartz stepped forward to welcome the debs and their families and to introduce the club’s officers. Conor Thomas Lutkewitte, Patrick Lightfoot Caliva and Kyle Joseph Lutkewitte are all vice presidents (respectively for entertainment, membership and publicity), and William Cooper Usry Johnston, Michael Anderson Birtel, Paul Terrell Herring and Henry Honore St. Paul IV answer, in turn to treasurer, secretary, historian and sergeant-at-arms.

Claire Marie Clay, Catherine Clare Conwill, Ellen Claverie Curry, Lane-Larkin Davis, Caroline Elizabeth Drennan, Morgan Hollins Heuer, Hailey Burke Housey, Isabel Starke Irvine, Abigail Augusta Jones and Emory Lafaye Lopiccolo were among their guests. So were Claire Michelle Zeringue, Nancy Marion Weinstock, Katherine Larson Thompson, Olivia DiBelle Thomas, Emily Elizabeth Tastet, Marylynn Beatrice Smitherman, Madison Mitchell Byers Prince and Sydney Alexandra Lowe.

Founded in 1939, the club is hailing the Thanksgiving eve presentation as a 75th anniversary. This “diamond ado” will be multi-faceted.

Casa Argentina

To commemorate the 198th anniversary of Argentina’s independence, Casa Argentina presented “Tango Celebration” under the chairmanship of Yakelis Anzola (the organization’s treasurer) and Juan Jorge Gershanik. Joining them were spouses Carlos Anzola and Ana Gershanik, as well as the Gershaniks’ daughter, Viviana Denechaud. Further Anzola representation came from daughters Maria Fernanda and Daniela (the artist who designed the invitation’s cover) and son Juan Carlos.

Additional CA headliners were board President Dr. Eddy Randrup with daughter Macarena, Vice President Dr. Elisa Klainer, Secretary Andrea Brent Carvajal, and board members Rebecca Favre Medders and mother Patricia Favre, Marlena “Marla” Donovan, and Luz Caputto with husband Dr. Salvador.

Thanks galore tapped Platinum sponsors Drs. Agnes and Michael Kotler from RemoteMD; Gold sponsors, including Peoples Health (represented by Dr. Liliana Cosenza, Javier Jacome, Guadalupe Erazo and Ligia Montes), Drs. Nicolas and Haydee Bazan, Diana and Alan Franco, and the Patrick Taylor Foundation; and the above Ana and Juan Gershanik. Proceeds from the event will benefit programs for underserved youth. A nonprofit organization founded in 1982, Casa Argentina of New Orleans has as its mission the preservation of Argentinean culture as well as the development of educational and philanthropic activities.

Still others with sponsorial connections were Rosa Rodriguez (Fowler Rodriguez), Dr. Klainer, Dr. Randrup, Dr. Carlos Trujillo, and for Pan-American Life, Rudy Revuelta and Rafael Shabetai with their wives, Elizabeth and Claudia. And, Dr. Blanca Rosa Maldonado and husband Hector, Ingrid (Mrs. Carlos Rodriguez) Fierro, the Juan Labadies, Cathy and Andy Burka, Patricia and Carlos Bereciartua, Helen Flammer and Raul Fonte, Ilana and Efrain Reisin, Florencia and Sergio Schabelman, Betty and Gregory Speyrer, and Lilian and Max Moreno.

After a patron party and a round of cocktails, guests sat to sup. (They still sprinted to the floor to dance to Julio & Cesar’s Band.) The Tango Dinner menu encompassed a winter green salad, a preselected main course choice of fish or chicken, and sweet caramel cheesecake (or pastel de queso acaramelado). While guests enjoyed their dinner, the CA mastheaders spoke, reminding everyone that the organization is run by volunteers and that it showcases, among many things, the culture of Argentina. President Eddie Randrup, who described Tango Night as “complex and elegant,” then introduced Dr. Juan Gershanik, calling him a “powerhouse.” The latter tipped his figurative hat to his wife, Ana, to credit her for her involvement.

Centering the tables were lovely arrangements of roses, some white, some red, on elevated containers. Candles were all around.

Then came the show –and, as usual, folks were dazzled. Composing the tango sixsome were Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo; Ekaterina Fedosova and Jordi Caballero; and the above brothers, Enrique and Guillermo De Fazio. Applause was thunderous for all of them.

Said event Co-Chairman Juan Gershanik after the festive fact, “I tried a ‘new’ kind of tango show with a different presentation (referring to Los Hermanos Macana) … and it worked. By popular demand (and for 2015), I’m bringing the brothers back.”

Around and About

Just paces away from the Marriott at the Convention Center is Julia Street, the site of the bulk of activity for Whitney White Linen Night. Thousands coursed the lively stretch (and will be out again tonight wearing the same outfits for Dirty Linen Night on Royal Street). Sighted were Bobby and Kay Kerrigan (heading later into Marcello’s Restaurant, where Patty Gay and George Schmidt were breaking bread), Brad Robbert (with pictures of his new puppy), Carey Hammett, Susan Brennan with Margaret Lewis and daughter Jean Lewis, Pete and Monica Hilzim, Pia Laborde, and a chatting duo in Rene Bajeux and Patrick Van Hoorebeek.

Concurrent was another sort of wearing of white. At Holy Name of Jesus Church, Marie Denise Cenac, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Steven Cenac, and Jonathan Frey Mann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clifford Mann, exchanged wedding vows with the Rev. Peter Finney III officiating.