Summer in the city

Talk about a party to imbibe! The home-delivered invitations arrived attached to a bottle of tasty lemonade. Done as a daisy with the names Courtney Geary, Hailey Housey and Claire Zeringue, the invitation gave the Saturday date and the location as the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. To hail their daughters, who are more formally known as Courtney Cooke Geary, Hailey Burke Housey and Claire Michelle Zeringue, were their parents: Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Geary, Clay and Wendy; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Housey, Dan and Kathy; and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Zeringue Jr., Wayne and Susie.

The limelighted ladies, debs and moms, caught the “Summer” eye in their party attire. Courtney and Wendy Geary turned out, respectively, in looks by Yvonne Counce and Beth Bowley; Hailey and Kathy Housey donned Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade; and Claire and Susie Zeringue wore designs by Eugenie Fromherz and Ralph Lauren Black Label.

Cocktails for one hour launched the levity that moved on at 9 p.m. for three hours of food and dancing. Within that time frame, Geary family members milled about, including deb great-grandmother Edna Colton, grandparents Ann and Newt Reynolds, and deb siblings Libby and Cooke Geary. Also, Brett and Sallye Reynolds, Lauren and Alan Davis, Ann and Jim Geary, Lynn and Lars Pedersen, Colleen and Marty McLeod, Kyler and John Selser, Jack and Ann Marie Fleming, Mary Stewart and David Bailey, Karyn and Gregor Hoffman, Van and Sammie Bohn, and Chicagoans Holly and Stephen Babington.

To give an estival feel to the fun, the decorations were light and whimsical. Nine-foot columns of white paper lanterns decorated the cocktail party in the Ogden. Then, for the later revelry, guests coursed the connecting corridor, illuminated with flickering Mason jar-lights and “fireflies,” to the Patrick F. Taylor Library. There, the Plant Gallery positioned designs of stunning floral arrangements featuring daisies, lemons and limes. Strings of overhead white lights, white eyelet lanterns, firefly table decorations and enormous paper daisies rendered an outdoors ambiance to the dance area. Additional features were the Rayne Housey-created mural of Hailey, Claire and Courtney that hung behind the bar (where specialty libations were served), white paper fans and flip-flops “to keep everyone cool.”

The above Rayne Housey, along with Danny and Connor, made rounds as deb siblings, catching up with the Chad Millets, Hayley Millet, Al Coman, the John Jeremiahs, Lynne Eagan, the John Houseys, the Gary Menzers, the junior Daniel McCabes, the Robert Oswalds, Robert Bories, Kelcie Schwab, and the Michael Pous.

Claire Zeringue’s brother, Jack, joined the partying, as did deb grandparents Eleanor Anderson and Wayne and Jeanne Zeringue. And, Rick and Tina Flick, Vaughn and Susie Cimini, Barbara Bossier with Caroline, Chuck and Susan Viator with Amy Claire, Craig and Kay Smith, Greg and Mary Beth Rittiner, Donald and Mary Kay Collins, Brad and Terry Weaver with Braden, Bart and Kitty Stulb, and Joe and Dianne Lowenthal.

Catered by Laura Arrowood, the early food treats were manifold and included, during the cocktail party, tuna wonton, miniature “BLTs,” and skewered chicken.

The upstairs buffet in the Taylor Library presented more solid fare, such as shrimp and grits and mini muffalettas. Other vendors included Sushi Brothers, FoodieCallNola (for late-night fare, such as sliders and yummy french fries), dessert lollipops from Candy’s Cake Pops of Boca Raton, Fla., and Joan Farrell cookies. At the end of the evening, just after midnight, the debs and their pals were whisked away in a New Orleans Tours bus provided by the hosting parents.

But before that lively departure, they heeded the beckoning of the band, Luv Sexy, to boogie on the stage. Again, one of the hot songs of “Summer in the City” was “Happy.”

A Freret fete

Don’t fret because it’s wet,

When there’s “Fete on Freret!”

Pluvial concerns were eschewed as guests arrived for the party in honor of Misses Laura Elizabeth LeBlanc, Marguerite Cargill O’Quinn, Maia Margaret Weston and Morgan Hollins Heuer, who answer to Laura, Maisie, Maia and Morgan. Thanked, along with those four, were their hosting parents, Jill LeBlanc and Dwight LeBlanc, Priscilla and David O’Quinn, Erin and Robert Weston, and Danielle and Charlie Heuer.

Just prior to the start of “Fete on Freret” in the Publiq House, comments from the honored four indicated their excitement.

“I’m looking forward to being with my friends from school (who’ve come in for the party)” and “dancing to the band” were right on target.

The several generations of guests responded to the invitation done by Johnston Burkhardt that depicted honorees in mini-dresses standing in front of the party premises with a couple of musicians and revelers parading in the background. Within, and on the “Fete” Friday, there were flowers by Gretchen Becnel, such as sunflowers; food by neighboring restaurants of the Publiq House on Freret Street — “Since the street (Freret) is so great now,” said Jill LeBlanc; and decorations that included the invitation done poster-size.

In the venue’s main room, a slew of chandeliers hung overhead. Dress “décor” (and the designers) were sported by Laura and Jill LeBlanc in Pia Pauro and Ivy & Blu; Morgan and Danielle Heuer in MSGM and Milly; Maia and Erin Weston in Clover Canyon and Shoshanna; and Maisie and Priscilla O’Quinn in Dolce Vita and Proenza Schouler.

Heeding the suggestion for “summer chic” attire were their many guests, such as LeBlanc deb grandparents Janie and Dwight, deb siblings Dwight IV and Elise, Ashley LeBlanc (recently back from Paris), Mendy and Michael Barry, Reecee and Charlie Lanier, Donna and Paul LaRosa, Judy ad Ryan Acomb, and Sandy Klock (from out of town, as were others). Heuer hobnobbers included grandmother Ann Heuer, Charlie Heuer, Dalton and Rachel Lambert, while the O’Quinns counted grandmother Eleanor Brown, Neil and Paula Apffel, Lori and Marc Winsberg, Shawn O’Brien, Robert Hereford, Evelyne and Philip Clinton, Ellie and Bruce Wainer, and Steve Beiser with daughter Hannah. Mingling, too, were Sharon and Mo Crane.

Maia Weston — who, as do so many of the debutantes, goes away to college (the University of Georgia) — reveled with several sets of pals and relatives, including sister Elizabeth Weston, and, all Thriffileys, grandmother Ardyn S., Ardyn M., Paul III, and Jeannette and Peter. Also, Elizabeth T. Phelan, Walker F. Weston, Janet Leigh and Mike England, Susie and Oliver Delery, Lisa and Karl Hoefer, Bonnie and Peter Waters, Patti and Tommy Jahncke, Sage Laborde, Malayne Materne, Skye and Rasch Brown with Hallie, Lindsay and Mike Lanaux with Isabel, Claudia Carrere with daughter Caroline Drennan, Kirsten and Dwight Acomb, and Jamie and Dell Agnew with Sarah.

Blue lighting bathed the stage, which was flanked by columns wrapped with apricot-colored lights. All that showcased the band, BRW, who, during a choice moment, rallied the four honorees on the stage. Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” was the song they played and the mood they set.