The Mystic Queens' Luncheon took place at the residence of former queen Anne (Mrs. George R.) Montgomery. Seated from left: Kay Rapier, Flora French, Anne Montgomery, Gen Trimble, Leah Whann, Virginia Weinmann, Dottie Charbonnet. Standing: Sandy Haygood, Anne Grace, Betsy Nalty Simmons, Phyllis Hines, Regan Forrester, Susan Milling, Mary Hines, Lynne McMillan. Stairs front row: Linda Westfeldt, Cammie Mayer, Sybil Favrot, Barbara Bush, Kathy Eastman, Courtney Freeman, Peggy Laborde, Sue Peters, Harriet Nelson, Margaret Beer, Ashley Bright, Cathy Pierson, Dee Phillips. Stairs back row: Ella Flower, Ann Strub, Anne Milling, Ruthie Frierson, Bonnie Conway, Virginia White, Judy Freeman.  

Advocate photo by Daniel Erath

Mystic queens’ luncheon

Former queens of the Mystic Club gathered for luncheon at the Queen Anne-style home of Mrs. George Ransdell Montgomery, who answers to Anne. The co-hostesses were her daughter, Mrs. William F. Grace, Anne, along with Mrs. Chesley Hines Jr., Phyllis, and Mrs. William R. Forrester Jr., Regan. Others in attendance were Mmes. Morrell Feltus Trimble (the senior queen, 1963), Montgomery, Louis McDaniel Freeman (Judy), Ronald James French, John Giffen Weinmann, Richard L. Simmons (who reigned as Mrs. Donald J. Nalty), Roswell King Milling (Anne), John Denechaud Charbonnet, Susan Shaffer Peters, William Barrett Conway, Michael Joseph Rapier, Howard A. Nelson Jr., Louis L. Frierson, Walter C. Flower, Paul M. Haygood, David Blair Favrot, A. Peyton Bush III, Nathaniel P. Phillips Jr., Hunter Pierson, David Pipes Milling (Susan), Grace, Hines, Lee Richards McMillan II, Richard L. Strub, Forrester, Charles Buck Mayer, John P. Laborde, Edgar A.G. Bright III, Thomas Dugan Westfeldt II, William H. Hines (Mary), John M. Eastman, Kenneth H. Beer, Louis M. Freeman Jr. (Courtney), Michael B. White and Robert James Whann IV, who reigned in 2017.

Prior to sitting for the luncheon, the most recent majesty, Leah Whann, was hailed by the Mystic Club captain, who dropped a few hints about who her successor will be. Then, Anne Montgomery Grace raised a toast to him.