A tableau ball that relates a historical episode with elegance and handsome thematic costumes, the Mystic Club ball is always special.

The organization presented its first ball in 1923 at the erstwhile Athenaeum with Mrs. Frank B. Hayne, a prominent name in social circles in the city, as queen. Unlike old-line debutante balls, Mystic chose, and still chooses, a married woman in society circles.

For years, the Mystic queen has been a woman whose husband is well known to the community. She, in turn, has often chaired some of the most prestigious boards in the city, sits on various boards, and is involved with philanthropy. Additionally, she has a plethora of projects, pursuits and personal interests, as well as those of her family. Often she is an accomplished athlete. One recent queen, a golfer, has shot three holes-in-one.

A lady in waiting to the Mystic queen, in itself a choice honor, occasionally has become the queen herself. Quite a few of the husbands of Mystic queens have been Rex, king of Carnival. Several of the Mystic queens, as younger women, wore the crowns of old-line Carnival krewes.