Red and pink dominated two events, thanks to the Red Mass at St. Louis Cathedral that ushered in the legal year and was followed by a reception in the Great Hall of the Louisiana Supreme Court building, and, not far away (but on a different date), the preponderance of pink for “Galatoire’s Goes Pink” as presented by Breastoration. True blue it was for the 2nd annual Children’s Hero Awards, which raised money and awareness for the Children’s Bureau of New Orleans. Laurie and Jeff Young opened their showplace Lakefront home for the occasion.

Amassing Lawyers

Celebrated annually, and for centuries, the Red Mass originated in Europe during the Middle Ages and takes its name from the vestments worn.

It is a reminder of the responsibility intrinsic within the legal profession to the dignity of human beings. The first such Mass was celebrated in New Orleans 61 years ago at St. Louis Cathedral, the site since then.

More than 500 lawyers, judges, elected officials and guests just gathered to hail the traditional opening of the judicial year, which occurs on the first Monday in October.

The initial procession was from the Supreme Court to the cathedral, where the assembly was greeted by Archbishop Gregory Aymond, archdiocese Vicar General the Very Rev. Patrick Williams, and members of St. Thomas More Catholic Lawyers. Meg Frazier directed the Loyola Choir, providing beautiful renditions of all the liturgical music.

Afterward, everyone processed back to the Supreme Court.

“It was truly a spectacular sight to see the impressive pageantry and all the red,” commented an individual, who has attended the event for years.

Notables in attendance included Mayor Mitch and Cheryl Landrieu, Jefferson Parish President John Young, the Walter Legers (father and son), Supreme Court Chief Justice Bernette Johnson, and Judges John L. Weimer, John Michael Guidry, Luke Lavergne, Raymond Steib, and Bernadette D’Souza.

Also, Barbara and Gary Weller, Terrel Broussard, Ralph Capitelli, Dorinda Bordlee, Alex D. Lambert, Joseph and Joy Barreca, Wendy Vitter, John Alario, Ed Fleischmann, John and Nora Lambert, Julian Baudier, A.J. and Eileen Capritto, Kevin Colomb, Kurt C. Garcia, Harold Lamy, and Frederick W. “Billy” Swaim III.

Reaping judicious praise was Julia Spear, the reception’s chairwoman.

Adrian’s Christian Florist provided the floral arrangements and New Orleans Catering fed the flock, who enjoyed tea sandwiches, pastries, and to mark the celebratory aspect of the day, the pleasures of champagne.

Children’s Heroes

Take a bow, the 2014 heroes, the Children’s Bureau’s honorees, whose ranks and guests included Kim Boyle (Phelps Dunbar) with Silas Lee; Leah Chase (Dooky Chase’s Restaurant) with members of the Chase family, including son Edgar Chase III and granddaughter Tracie Griffin; Lloyd Dennis (Silverback Society) with wife Anne; and Greg Feirn (Louisiana Children’s Medical Center) with Sarah.

Also, Judy Reese Morse (City of New Orleans) with Chuck; Gabrielle Misfeldt representing ReNew Charter Schools; Miriam Ortique, who was honored along with her late husband, the former Judge Revius Ortique Jr.; and David Gallo and Ross Miller representing Fore!Kids Foundation. The former is the board chairman and Ross Miller, the FKF Charity Committee chairman.

Not only did the event spotlight citizens whose work advances the health and wellbeing of children, but it also raised funds for the Children’s Bureau of New Orleans, which has the same mission.

To emphasize and have fun with the “hero” theme, there were fictional luminaries, such as Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Spiderman, who posed for photos with party guests.

Additional accents of the evening were a jazz combo from the House of Blues Foundation Room, a wine bar with selections from Cakebread Cellars and Caymus Vineyards, and a full spread of taste treats from Palate New Orleans.

Crystal McDonald, Bridget Barthelemy, Mullady Voelker, Alyson McKenzie, and Dana Labat mastheaded the invitation as the event’s chairing force (and most attended). Several past honorees, namely Dr. Karen DeSalvo, Dr. Stephen Hales, Charles Rice Jr, and Norma Jane Sabiston, made rounds, as did Children’s Bureau board Chairman Christopher Foucheaux, immediate predecessor Jaimme Collins, City Councilman Jared Brossett, Katherine Cain, Patrick Stack, Stephen Parker Pate, Paolo Zambito and, from CB, CEO Paulette Carter and COO Joy Banks.

Of particular note were Rhesa and Alden McDonald from presenting sponsor Liberty Bank with son Todd, and from awards sponsor Chevron, Sakari Morrison. The heroes’ awards were by artist Damion Hunter.

Mayoral attendance got fine representation from Mitch Landrieu with Cheryl, who has served on the event’s honorary committee since its inception two years ago, and former Mayor Sidney Barthelemy, another honorary committee member.

Galatoire’s Goes Pink

On a recent Monday, and with the help of 10 sponsors, Breastoration presented Galatoire’s Goes Pink. The Breastoration Fund was created by breast cancer survivors to access the treatment “no one talks about: breast reconstruction following surgical mastectomies.”

The Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans manages the fund.

Kim Sport and Barbara Turner Windhorst chaired the event, a seated, five-course dinner, that included 130 guests. At the top of the roster was the above Wendy Vitter, who answers to CAGNO board chairwoman, and state Rep. Helena Moreno (with husband Chris Meeks), who served as the auctioneer for the lively bidding that took place while folks were enjoying their dessert.

In keeping with the chromatic theme, it was a strawberry pot de crème with pink whipped cream.

Noted, too, were spouses Dr. Scott Sullivan and Dr. Michele Cooper, Norma Grace and Robert Sternhell, Jane Goldring, Wayne Fernandez, Juli Miller Hart, Joan Ingram, Charmaine Caccioppi and Cindy DeLuca.

They reveled in the company of one another, as well as the decorative touches of the namesake color. The restaurant was lighted in pink on both the exterior and the interior of the first floor dining room. It didn’t take much planning to decide on the color of the tablecloths and flowers.

Others in the “Pink” pack were Patricia Spreen, Heidi Kiesling, Robin Ventura, Michael Williamson, Alexis Hocevar, Kristen Rabalais, Sharon Hebert, Jamie Moreau, Susan McMillan, and Jo Schernbeck. Also, Carol B. Wise, Maria Muro, Janis van Meerveld, Margo DuBos, Cynthia Molyneaux, Cathy McRae, Donna Klein, Ann van Lamsweerde, Tracy Dreiling, Diana Bajoie, Amelia Leonardi, PK Scheerle, and a “hero” of Children’s Bureau, the above Kim Boyle.

Around and About

“Throw Me Somethin’ Sista” caused a social stir as a street party on Freret at Bloomin’ Deals Thrift Shop. Put on by the Junior League of New Orleans in front of and inside the thrift shop, the event was a blast. The 610 Stompers and Sirens performed, food and drink were plentiful, and the $15 admission even included a “souvenir” from the thrift shop. Guests could pick up a purse or a pair of shoes. Talk about hot shod in the city!

Gina Marie Jackson (who was joined by husband Chris) teamed with Maribeth Castillo, Aimee Redmann and Katy Samy to launch the levity that also included JLNO President Katherine Raymond and Prez-Elect Shannon McCloskey Able, as well as dozens who applauded the dancing vigor of the Stompers. Said one observant husband to his League wife as an aside, “Do you think I could do that?”