In Carnival circles, another entry into centennial status made its mark on a recent Saturday evening in the Royal Tent at the New Orleans Country Club. This was the Grand Ball of Osiris, which was chartered in 1915 and celebrated its 100th Carnival ball under the aegis of the greatest of Egyptian gods. The preceding evening at the same lovely location, the Krewe of Nereus held its 120th ball recalling its namesake, a sea god in Greek mythology and father to scores of sea nymphs. After each gala masked ball, krewe members, their courts and guests enjoyed a queen’s supper in the capacious rooms of the adjacent country club.

Carnival’s ‘The Big Chill’

Such was the title of the skit presented by His Majesty’s Tableau Players at the Nereus bal masque, but the warmth of Carnival conviviality truly dominated. Guests responded to the Tim Trapolin-created invitation that featured a crab, a motif picked up in the handsome krewe favor designed by India Stewart.

Sentiment was to the formal fore, as well, and it came as a pair. Reigning was Miss Kaitlin Peters Kehoe with her twin sister, Miss Meghan Kammer Kehoe, as the maid of honor. They are the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Roth Kehoe II and, in 1988, their mother, as Miss Debra Jean Renaudin, was the Nereus queen. Her majesty’s grandfather, William V. Renaudin Jr., brought her out to the floor and her father escorted her to the captain.

Sartorial sentiment ruled for her majesty, who donned her mother’s regal dress of embroidered organza with heavily beaded 3-D flowers and leaves. Redesigned by couturiere Damicenda Behlar, it was showcased by glittering monarchal accessories.

Last year, the royal robes were worn by Miss Katherine Marie Fleming.

Maids of the court to her majesty Kaitlin were Misses Hailey Burke Housey, Abigail Augusta Jones, Lynn Chambers Sherwood, Marylynn Beatrice Smitherman and Gabrielle Cheyenne Turner. Their majesties’ pages were Masters Miles Edward Kehoe, Dennis Patrick Lauscha Jr., Conor Michael Sullivan and Andrew Edward Verheeck.

Messrs. Henry C. Schonberg and Roy A. St. Paul were the court committee chairmen, assisted by Messrs. Dwight L. Acomb, H. Mark Adams, Michael O. Barry, Alan G. Brackett, Graham M. Ralston and Charles T. Walsten. Additional male focus turned to Jimmy Maxwell and Kirk Redmann, who respectively led the orchestra and sang the national anthem.

Ladies in the box seats including the nearest and dearest of the queen, and maid of honor — some traveling in from away — and included their mother, Debra Kehoe (outfitted in royal purple), grandmothers Mrs. William V. Renaudin Jr. and Mrs. Alton McIver, and Mmes. Tobin Lassen, Benjamin Daniel, John Murrill, Paul Christmann, Mark Wegmann, Baltzer LeJeune, and Scott Geddes (from Scotland) with daughters Eilidh and Catriona.

Also, royal deb sister Laine Roth Kehoe, Ashley LeBlanc and Carrie Chistmann.

Applauding, too, were Miss Madelon Redmann (a 2012 Nereus maid) and Mmes. Ronald Redmann Sr. and Jr., Gary Gulotta, Brian Redmann, Kerry Redmann, Ralph Redmann, David Redmann Sr., Andrew Gulotta, John Gulotta, Henry C. Schonberg, Stephen H. Schonberg, Thomas A. Woods, and Ralph C. Breaux.

Before and after the crowning moment of the ball, further festivity unfolded in the private reception prior to the gallivanting for the queen and her court inside the country club, the concurrent general reception in the tent, and the post-ball supper dance back inside the club with mighty-tasty breakfast fare, decorations to further the Louisiana blue crab theme, and the music of Harvey Jesus and Fire, which dispelled any “Chill” climes.

As she warmly remarked after the ball, queen Kaitlin commented on the legacy that her family has in Nereus, her mother’s own queenship, and “the wonderful experience” she enjoyed with her twin sister and the court, the king, and a plethora of proud family members and friends.

n The Centennial of Osiris

In glorious splendor, Miss Nicole Elizabeth Weinmann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert St. George Tucker Weinmann, stepped forward to co-reign with Osiris in the Palace of the Sun, following regal assemblages that date back to the organization’s first ball in 1916.

The maids to her majesty were Misses Evelyn Burkenroad Bories, Margaret Magee Brown, Katherine Renee Hodges, Angelina Silvestry Knister, Sage Lyons Laborde, Greer Elizabeth McKendrick and Natalie Danielle Tolar. Completing the court were Princesses of the Realm Anna Massey Demmas, Kristina Britt Johnsen, Lilia Elise Kuhn, Ellen Heidingsfelder Silvia and Erin Colleen Tolar, and pages Aidan Laborde Couvillon, Dennis Patrick Lauscha Jr., William Forman Robert and Robert Clayton Williams.

Messrs. John P. Laborde, Newton R. Reynolds and J. Storey Charbonnet were the ball’s chairmen. The vice chairmen included the above Messrs. Adams, Brackett and Walsten, along with Messrs. Bret A. Clesi, William H. Langenstein III, Thomas J. Mitchell and Michael Q. Walshe Jr.

Last year Miss Kaelin Louise Ochsner reigned and, in 1965, Mrs. Ivan Lafferty Mahoney (Veva Penick Wood). Both were presented as were former majesties, some escorted by their fathers. They were Matilda Gray Stream, Jean McGrew Brown, Joy Nalty Hodges, Susan Read Johnson, Florence Nicholson Bush Lane, Ann Lee Stephens Sarpy, Lynn Schneider Cantrell, Allison Crutcher McAshan, Martha Stephens Johnson, Anne Johnsen Bailey, Carolyn Loria Pitalo, Maria de La Barre, Marjorie Marquez Kelly, Elinor Hobson Rand, Kelsey Evans Rivera, Mary Catherine Corder Ducanes, Maria Barbara Favor Argote, Carroll Suggs Connolly, Lauren Reynolds Davis, Marigny Ernst, Jill Dalovisio Fitzpatrick, Charlotte Collins Meade, Elizabeth Rodriguez Jaeger, Blayne Laborde Bonham, Olivia Eustis Guider, Erin Lutkewitte Kilgore, Elizabeth Pearce Webb, Lauren Nicole Morgan Fincher, Kathryn Brennan, Molly Smith, Elizabeth Ellis Clement, Alexandra Susanne Freeman, Carlin Conner, Margaret Saer Beer and Allison Slatten.

The Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra played “Memory” as they processed and bowed to the queen and Osiris.

They all admired their successor, queen Nicole, who was radiant in a Suzanne Perron-designed gown of heavily-encrusted French Solstiss lace with a sweeping train. The Osiris collar and mantle, along with a sparkling crown and scepter completed her raiment.

Queen mother Cindy chose a design by Kathleen Van Horn of KVH Designs. She was joined in special box seats by royal grandmothers Mrs. Robert E. Howson and Mrs. John G. Weinmann, royal sister Emily Weinmann, and Mmes. David Willem, John Burcham, Peter Coffman, John G. Weinmann Jr., Jeffrey Meckstroth and Miss Allison Willem.

Misses Elizabeth, Sara and Ellen Gambel applauded all the excitement, as did Mmes. Gary J. Gambel, Charles L. Gambel, Joseph W. Wolfe, Raymond K. Hunter, Michael H. Ellis and Patrick M. Gambel.

Noted, too, were Mary (Mrs. Justin B.) Schmidt, in a Thai silk Marisa Baratelli mode, along with Mmes. Robert C. Hassinger, Newton R. Reynolds, John P. Laborde, J. Storey Charbonnet, Henry R. Corder Jr., R. Parke Ellis, William C. Nelson, H. Mark Adams, William H. Langenstein III, Bret A. Clesi and Ms. Yvette Monju.

Centennial conviviality also took the form of a past queens’ luncheon at Ralph’s on the Park, an intimate pre-ball gathering at queen Nicole’s home, and the gala Queen’s Supper afterward. At that time, guests relished the breakfast buffet, nonstop dancing to Simply Irresistible, and the opportunity to congratulate their majesties, who basked in the honors of 100 years and expressed their joy and appreciation.