To the rest of the world, Harry Connick is a dreamy vocalist, piano player, actor and daytime talk show host. But to New Orleanians, Harry Connick is also the former District Attorney who served for 30 years, and likes to dabble in music himself; and Connick Jr., is his son. While Connick Sr. made a name for himself locally, Connick Jr. has won fame worldwide. Junior started playing keyboards at age 3, played publicly by 5 and was recording with a local jazz band at 10. He was a student of James Booker and attend NOCCA where he learned from Ellis Marsalis Jr. He moved to New York where Columbia Records signed him for his first solo album, Harry Connick Jr., an instrumental album of standards. His trajectory was rapid. He released several albums and gained attention with his 1989 soundtrack to the hit movie, “When Harry Met Sally.”

In 1990 Connick had three albums on Billboard’s top chart, and made his acting debut in “Memphis Belle.” In 1993 Connick founded the superkrewe of Orpheus. He went on to star in the sitcom “Will & Grace” and in 2013 became a judge on American Idol. Following Hurricane Katrina, Connick helped organize a live benefit television concert on NBC and worked with Branford Marsalis to develop the Musician’s Village with Habitat for Humanity. In 2016 he started a daily talk show, “Harry.” He’s won three Grammy awards, two Emmys and been nominated for two Tony awards.