If actor Rob Corddry is to be believed, the real purpose behind the making of “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” in New Orleans the during summer of 2013 was to get Corddry and his co-stars Craig Robinson and Clark Duke back on a Mardi Gras float.

On Sunday during the Bacchus parade, the costumed Corddry, Robinson and Duke took their second ride together in a Mardi Gras float, atop The Chariot/Bacca-Vineyard.

In what’s becoming a tradition, Corddry, Robinson and Duke ride in a Mardi Gras parade whenever they release a new “Hot Tub Time Machine” movie. In 2010, when the crazy, 1980s-centric comedy “Hot Tub Time Machine 1” blasted into theaters, the actors paraded with the Krewe of Tucks.

Last weekend, just hours before the “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” co-stars joined the Krewe of Bacchus, Robinson shared his vivid memories of their first Carnival ride.

“First of all, we had a police escort to the parade,” Robinson said during a joint interview at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. “The police took us through traffic flashing their sirens. It was awesome! And then we got there and hopped on a float. You’re riding in there with drinks. It was crazy. You’re throwing beads and stuff. One thing that shocked me was, guys are pushing women and kids out the way to get these beads! What’s up with that?”

Mardi Gras’ reputation for exposed flesh preceded that 2010 ride. Robinson, for one, was disappointed that he didn’t witness more of that during his Krewe of Tucks ride.

“You know, we’re trying to throw stuff to the girls,” he explained. “And something is supposed to happen when the girls get the beads. That didn’t happen so much!”

Despite the allure of Mardi Gras, Robinson, Corddry and Duke temporarily removed themselves from Carnival revelry long enough to promote “Hot Tub Time Machine 2,” which opens Friday.

New Orleans, which has a reputation for being a party place all year long, affected the movie’s already party-heavy atmosphere.

“The city definitely influenced the tone of the movie,” Duke said. “Because it’s so loose and fun here, it made us loose and drunk and fun.”

“Yeah, for sure,” Corddry said. “There was a moment when the film was going to be set in a kind of neutral location, but we were shooting in New Orleans and that neutral idea just seemed stupid to everybody. Why not set ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2’ in New Orleans?”

As for Cusack, their absent “Hot Tub Time Machine 1” co-star, this reporter’s suggestion that the star of “High Fidelity,” “Being John Malkovich” and “Say Anything...” isn’t even missed in the “Hot Tub Time Machine” sequel got a laugh from the returning cast members.

“I guess that’s a compliment to us,” Duke said. “Thank you.”

“You know,” Corddry added, “Cusack reads your column every day. I have a feeling he’s gonna take offense to that, man.”

Cusack’s presence was important to “Hot Tub Time Machine 1” because of the actor’s ’80s nostalgia value, Robinson explained.

“The first movie,” Corddry added, “actually got made because of Cusack’s involvement and that little nostalgic hook.”

Because “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” travels 29 years forward in time from 1986 to 2025, it has no need for Cusack and his ’80s wistfulness. “But I wouldn’t count him out,” Robinson warned. “We’re like the Avengers. He could be in part three. Thor can’t be in every movie.”