Many vices are tolerated and even encouraged on Bourbon Street, but the Louisiana State Police took a hard line against two Alabama men for selling “weed candies” on Saturday.

Surprisingly, neither man was arrested on drug charges.

Instead police booked 64-year-old Thomas Ashley of Bessember and 37-year-old Thomas Jones of Center Point for selling merchandise without a permit. Ashley and Jones’s greatest crime, it seems, may have been duping hapless tourists who believed the treats sold out of the pair’s “Weed World Candies” SUV actually contained THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

Jones and Ashley were hardly travelling incognito. A picture released by the Louisiana State Police shows an electric green Hummer festooned with images of cannabis plants and advertisements for wares like “Lemon Drop Kush,” Bubble Kush,” and “Strawberry Cough.”

Owners of Weed World vehicles have previously stated that their candies contained hemp, not marijuana, according to a February report from WWL-TV. But the vans were on the NOPD’s radar for allegedly selling wares during Mardi Gras without a permit.

Voters in four states have legalized marijuana, but not Louisiana.