A 17-year-old McDonogh 35 High School student was arrested when authorities found a handgun in his backpack Thursday morning, police said.

Horace Anderson, 17, will be booked with carrying a firearm on school property, NOPD spokesman Tyler Gamble said. No other arrests have been made. An initial investigation shows that no direct threat was made to students, Gamble said.

Orleans Parish School Board Superintendent Henderson Lewis Jr. issued a statement saying that security officers observed a group of four students loitering at an off-campus location Thursday morning. The students were detained and searched by officers, and one student was found to be in possession of a firearm. All four students were apprehended, Lewis said.

A student found carrying, possessing or using a firearm is eligible for expulsion up to two semesters, Lewis said.

McDonogh 35 recently implemented a process to search for students off-campus and in the surrounding neighborhood when they are late for school in the morning.

“We applaud the actions of those at McDonogh 35 High School as they worked quickly to address this situation,” Lewis said in the statement. “Safety within our schools is our first and foremost priority, and it is the purpose of the OPSB to operate our schools in a manner that will provide for the welfare and safety of all students, faculty and staff.”