There were 32 shooting incidents in September 2015, 11 of them fatal (34.3 percent). September’s total represented a rise from August’s 23 shootings, but the 32 shootings was just one below 2015’s monthly average of 33 shootings per month through September.

Annualized Pace of Shootings, 2015. Source: NOPD.

There have been 300 shootings (39.3 percent fatal) through September 2015, a 5.6 percent decrease from total shooting incidents through the same period in 2014. New Orleans has experienced 132 murders through September, a 16 percent rise in murder from September in both 2013 and 2014 (note, one homicide in September was listed as possibly justified. Counting that homicide as justified would drop the murder total to 131).

Annualized Pace of Shootings, 2011 – 2015. Source: NOPD.

Gun Violence by Neighborhood

The New Orleans Gun Violence Index for September 2015 shows a pretty substantial reduction in gun violence in several of the city’s most violent neighborhoods over the past 60 days.

There have only been three shootings in both Central City and Little Woods over the last 60 days, and St. Roch and St. Claude have each experienced only one shooting over that time frame.

(Note: In the chart below the figures listed for “last 365 days,” “last 180 days” and “last 60 days” refer to the number of shootings above or below the annual pace for each neighborhood.)

There were only 196 reports of a firearm being discharged in New Orleans in September, the lowest total for any month so far this year. As I noted last month, there is a strong relationship between the number of firearm discharge reports and shootings.

Reviewing the number of firearm discharge reports from 2010 to 2014 shows citywide gun violence is typically lowest in September. The below chart captures difference between the percent of firearm discharge reports by month and the percent of the year’s days in that month.

Firearm discharge reports increase in January (New Year’s Day), July (4th of July) and December (New Year’s Eve) likely due to lots of fireworks. As shown below, September typically has the fewest firearm discharges of any month of the year.