Report: Off-duty NOPD officer becomes victim of Ninth Ward mugging _lowres

Screengrab courtesy WWL-TV

Sitting in his car, an off-duty officer became the victim of a violent crime Tuesday.

According to a report from WWL-TV, NOPD officials confirmed one of their officers was robbed at gunpoint in the 1300 block of Feliciana in the Ninth Ward.

"He just told me that he was in his car,” said a neighbor to WWL-TV. “He got off his shift. After his shift, he's sitting in his car, I guess he was waiting for some of his workers or whatever. A guy came up to him and robbed him. He said it was a young guy."

The NOPD has reported that the officer was not in uniform and was not in a department vehicle when the incident occurred about 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Police have not identified the victim, but stated the armed man approached the vehicle and demaned money. When the officer complied, the armed man left the area.

Read the full WWL-TV report here.