Metairie man booked on attempted murder

Metairie — The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office booked a Metairie man with attempted murder Saturday after his father told police the suspect fired multiple shots at another man.

James Mcrevy, 55, was booked with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated criminal damage to property, illegal use of a weapon and possession of a firearm and a controlled substance. Police also booked him on an old warrant for obscenity on the phone. He was arrested at his home after deputies found him passed out in a doorway holding a gun, according to an arrest report.

Details on the incident are scarce, but Mcrevy’s father called police, saying he saw his son shoot at another man, then follow the man outside firing several more shots, the report states. None of those bullets hit the victim, but one did strike a home across the street from the suspect’s home in the 7200 block of Schouest Street in Metairie.

Attempted murder count follows gunfire

New Orleans — Police have booked one man with attempted murder and are searching for his alleged accomplice after authorities say they fired 32 shots at a man last month.

Daryl Galle, 24, was booked with attempted first-degree murder and simple criminal damage to property on Friday and remains in custody. Police are also searching for “Clarrance” “Yank” Glen, 32.

Galle is conspiring with Glen to try to kill a 51-year-old man outside P.J.’s Bar in the 1500 block of Lafreniere Street on Oct. 28. The victim was shot three times in the incident and picked Galle out of a photo lineup as being with Glen. Police were able to identify the two suspects from the witness’ account and from a Crimestoppers’s tip, according to magistrate court records.

A preliminary report says the victim was at the bar when he noticed Glen. The victim believes Glenn killed the victim’s son in 2002 and suspected there would be trouble when he saw Glenn and Galle whispering, the report states. The victim left the bar and started running, but he says Glen and Galle pursued him outside and opened fire. According to the report, the two men chased the victim for blocks firing their weapons.

Gretna man to face desertion charges

Gretna — Gretna Police arrested a man Friday after police say he left a 1-year-old and 5-year-old home alone in order to go get something to eat.

Jose Lopez, 23, was booked with two counts of child desertion after the children’s grandmother found them home alone, according to an arrest report. Lopez was found hiding under a nearby porch by police, and the report states he told them he’d only left the children for 10 minutes. The children were not injured.

Police arrest man on child porn charge

Kenner — Kenner police booked a man with possession of child pornography on Thursday after they say he was storing multiple illegal photos on his computer.

Ronald Brown, 43, was arrested after Kenner police on a file-sharing website discovered several images featuring child pornography on his computer. When confronted by police, Brown said he liked to do pornographic web searches using the word “teen”, according to an arrest report.

Dispute erupts after LSU-Alabama game

Metairie — A Metairie man became so enraged by LSU’s loss to Alabama on Saturday night that he beat his wife and set fire to her jersey, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The incident was reported at the couple’s home in the 1600 block of Manson Smith Street. Deputies were called out the house after the victim said the Ronald Diaz, 33, abused her after an argument following the game. The victim said she tried to hide in children’s bedroom after the suspect set fire to her jersey and damaged a television, but Diaz broke down a locked door to get to her.

The woman refused to press charges despite obvious injuries to her face, and deputies say previous complaints of domestic violence have been lodged against Diaz. Diaz was booked with domestic abuse battery.

Battery charges2-line brief headline filed in domestic incidentPregnant wife says husband hit her2-line brief headline

Metairie — A woman who is seven months pregnant told the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office that her husband hit her hard enough to make her vomit on Sunday.

The incident was reported at the couple’s apartment in the 100 block of Gatehouse Drive in Metairie, according to an arrest report. The victim said that Russell Raines, 26, elbowed the back of her neck during an argument, and she later needed to vomit.

The woman told deputies that Raines previously fractured one of her ribs and aggressively covered her mouth. No other injuries were reported, and the incident was reported by neighbors who heard the couple arguing. Raines was booked with domestic abuse battery.

Deputies arrest 2 following gunfire

Jefferson — An all-day binge ended with two Jefferson men in handcuffs after the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office says they decided to fire off several rounds in one man’s backyard.

David Townsend, 34, and Neil Smith, 52, were arrested at Smith’s home in the 400 block of Lions Street on Thursday. Authorities say they were called out to the home after receiving reports of gunshots in the area. When deputies arrived, they heard six shots fired, then immediately heard six more, according to an arrest report.

When they relocated to Smith’s backyard, they found the two men with a .380-caliber pistol and a .22-caliber pistol. The men told police they’d been drinking all day and decided to fire off some shots into the ground. No injuries were reported.

Compiled from the New Orleans bureau