A longtime Orleans Parish sheriff’s deputy has been sentenced to three months of “inactive” probation after his conviction last month for pulling a gun on a teenager outside his property in New Orleans East.

Criminal District Court Judge Arthur Hunter handed down the sentence for 55-year-old Gregory Degruy on Friday.

Degruy was found guilty last month of misdemeanor aggravated assault in a bench trial. He has remained on suspension as a reserve deputy pending the outcome of the case.

Degruy is a 28-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, said his attorney, Robert Jones IV.

He originally had faced a charge of felony aggravated assault in the June 5 incident, in which he was accused of raising a gun and telling a 17-year-old, “Keep it moving son, or I will knock your head in the dirt,” as the youth walked by a property that Degruy owns in the 4700 block of Bundy Road.

Degruy didn’t testify at his trial, but Jones claimed his client never pointed the gun at the boy’s belly, as was alleged, and that his threat was conditional because nothing would happen if the teenager moved on.

Jones said that with the frequency of armed robberies in the city, Degruy, who was out of uniform, was just being cautious. He had driven up about 9 p.m. with his girlfriend to retrieve his mail.

After the incident, Degruy drove away from the scene. Police arrested him a week later.

Assistant District Attorney Robert Ferrier argued at the trial that the incident was unprovoked. He said the teen, whose father witnessed the incident, was simply “walking down the street, heading home, minding his business, passing the defendant, and the defendant pulled a gun out on him.”