DELGADO-LOYOLA AGREEMENT: Delgado Community College and Loyola University New Orleans have reached an agreement simplifying the transfer of up to 60 credit hours from Delgado toward a Loyola bachelor’s degree.

The 2+2 articulation agreement was signed Dec. 18 by Delgado Chancellor Joan Y. Davis and Loyola President Kevin Wildes.

The arrangement allows students who complete prescribed courses in any of 10 programs at Delgado to transfer their credits seamlessly and earn a bachelor’s degree in one of 28 corresponding programs at Loyola.

Delgado students who complete coursework for an associate degree in any of these programs, typically earning 60 credit hours to do so, will be admitted as juniors in the respective Loyola programs, provided they meet Loyola’s admission requirements.

The 2+2 articulation agreement will be renewed every five years. Faculty members from Loyola and Delgado will meet regularly to enhance the alignment of courses between degree programs.

HOSPITALITY SCHOLARSHIPS: The Louisiana Restaurant Association Education Foundation is accepting scholarship applications through April 10.

Applicants must be enrolled or accepted in a bachelor’s and/or associate degree program and be pursuing a career in the restaurant, food service, tourism or hospitality industries. Courses of study can include but are not limited to: culinary, hospitality, tourism, business and management programs. Scholarship awards may vary based on available funds and are merit-based.

Applications are available for download at and must be completed and postmarked by Friday, April 10.

CANCER RUN: Liz Cowle, a graduate student at Tulane University, is one of 150 people on a team that will run more than 4,000 miles from San Francisco to Baltimore this summer to offer hope, inspiration and support to cancer communities along the way. The 4K for Cancer is a program of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

While the team will run a collective 4,000 miles, the daily running amount for individuals will be 8 to 10 miles. Cowle, who lost her mother to breast cancer at a young age, has a goal of raising $10,000 through her participation. To view her profile and donate, visit 4kfor