The Pavilion of the Two Sisters, New Orleans Botanical Gardens at City Park was the site of a beautiful flower show in April that was open to the public. The theme of the show was “Spring Gardens Dance With Nature.”

The show was sponsored by the Jefferson Parish Council of Garden Clubs and the Federated Council of New Orleans Garden Clubs. Organizers of the show were Mabel Himel, show chairwoman; Getty Gibbs, JPCGC president; and Mary Ellen Miller, FCNOGC president. The council represents more than 500 members, and they presented more than 315 horticulture exhibits in 61 classes; 50 design exhibits in 12 classes; and 36 special exhibits.

There were three divisions to be viewed and judged: Division I — Horticulture, Division II — Design, and Division III — Special Exhibits. The exhibits were evaluated by four panels of state-accredited flower show judges. Fresh plant material and creativity were emphasized, and the beauty and organization of the show were greatly complimented. The show scored a 95+ out of 100 and is able to proceed with a Book of Evidence for the application for a National Garden Club award.

Top horticulture award winners were Lupé Perez, Grower’s Choice, container-grown flowering plants; Patricia Ortelano, Award of Merit, decorative foliage; Betty Rena, Award of Horticulture Excellence; and Ellen Cook, Grower’s Choice, for container-grown foliage.

Top design winners were Carrie Martin, Tricolor Award; Marlene Alvarez, Award of Design Excellence; Harriette Charles, Petite Award; and Jo Ann Christopher, Table Artistry Award.

Other top award winners in horticulture were Colleen Landry, Award of Merit, flowering, fruiting perennials; Margaret Handy, Arboreal Award; Kristi Rivero, Award of Merit, edible fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs; and Debra Johnson, Grower’s Choice, cacti and succulents.

Other special exhibits awards went to Mary Jacobs, Educational Top Exhibitor Award for her display; Lake Terrace Garden Club, Club Competition Award; and Pam Higgins, Special Show Award for Photography.