Using DNA testing, police have arrested a St. Louis man accused of killing a homeless woman in New Orleans in 2011.

Charles R. McAllister, 31, was booked Monday on second-degree murder in the death of Chantell Christopher, 36, whose body was found partially decomposed under a Pontchartrain Expressway ramp.

According to court documents, the woman’s body showed signs of blunt-force trauma to the head. Her body was found in a crawl space under the O’Keefe Avenue exit ramp on April 11, 2011.

Investigators collected several “bloodstained pieces of concrete stones” from the crime scene, and according to court documents they contained the victim’s blood and a “DNA match” to McAllister. The testing was conducted at the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab.

Police did not say when the forensic evidence was submitted for testing. A warrant for McAllister’s arrest was not issued until earlier this year.