New Orleans —Some Entergy New Orleans crews have begun to return home after helping restore utility service to millions of victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The crews were in the field in the northeast for about three weeks.

“We are proud of the work that our electric and gas crews did in helping to restore utility service to those affected by Superstorm Sandy,” said Charles Rice, president and chief executive officer of Entergy New Orleans.

The Entergy New Orleans crews joined other Entergy crews from Louisiana that left the area in two waves in late October.

More than 300 Entergy employees from Louisiana were sent to the northeast and worked primarily in Philadelphia with PECO, a power company in that state. An Entergy New Orleans crew that specializes in underground work assisted ConEd in New York City. That crew continues to work there and is expected to begin their return trip today.

“Our workers in the northeast faced unfamiliar challenges such as snowstorms, cold weather and traffic jams, but they were focused on working as quickly and as safely as possible,” Rice said. “Like Isaac, Katrina, Gustav and others, Sandy proved to be a devastating storm. I’m happy that our employees are finally returning home to their families after a job well done.”

Entergy sent nearly 900 workers from Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas to aid in Sandy restoration efforts. They were part of a contingent of more than 67,000 utility workers who represented more than 80 companies from as far away as California and Hawaii.

Sandy disrupted power to 9.6 million utility customers.