A St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy has been suspended with pay after being booked on allegations that he struck his 15-year-old daughter.

Justin Bordelon, 34, of Marrero, was booked May 21 on a count of cruelty to a juvenile. He’s accused of hitting his daughter in the face with an open hand and putting her in a body hold by applying pressure to her arms, according to an incident report compiled by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Bordelon was released Wednesday on a $5,000 bond, which stipulated that he not live with the girl for the next three months.

According to the four-page JPSO report, Bordelon and the girl were heading home from her grandmother’s house when Bordelon “told her that she was very disrespectful and that she will respect him.”

After arriving home, the report says, the girl heard a commotion erupt between Bordelon and her stepmother, followed by a loud nose and her stepmother yelling, “Stop it, Justin!” The girl told authorities that she believed her father pushed her stepmother into the wall.

Not long after that, Bordelon went into the girl’s room and they began arguing, “at which time he struck her in the face with an open hand” on her eye, which bruised and swelled, according to the report.

When the girl tried to walk away, Bordelon “grabbed her by her ponytail and forced her to the floor,” where he put her in a compliance hold, a law enforcement technique that involves putting pressure on key areas of the body, the report says.

The next day, the report says, the girl’s stepmother tried to cover up the girl’s bruised eye with makeup before she went to school.

JPSO Deputy Daniel Kerr, who compiled the report, said the girl “feared her father would hit her again if he found out that she told anyone.”

St. John Sheriff Mike Tregre said Wednesday that Bordelon has been suspended with pay from the department pending an internal investigation.

“If he’s found to be responsible, he would face severe disciplinary action, possibly termination,” Tregre said of Bordelon, a five-year department veteran who worked in the Narcotics Division.

Bordelon’s attorney, Joseph Marino, of Gretna, declined comment on the allegations against his client. “We’re going to be meeting with the District Attorney’s Office in the near future to discuss the charges,” he said Wednesday.

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