Shedric Morgan’s loved ones say they don’t know why he was gunned down Friday morning on a Gentilly street. They only know how.

Morgan, 30, was found shot several times a half-block from his girlfriend’s Kia SUV in the 3500 block of Hamburg Street. Their 18-month-old twins were inside the vehicle.

In the short distance between Morgan’s body and his children, his family members see evidence of a courageous final act.

Relatives believe that Morgan realized he was being targeted and took off running to put distance between himself and his kids.

“He proved in the end that he would do anything for them,” girlfriend Sheneka Rasheed said. “He gave his life to make sure that those children were OK.”

Police found the twins unharmed inside the vehicle.

After Morgan was shot, several family members tried to rush past the crime scene tape in a frantic attempt to recover the children from the back seat. Officers eventually handed them over safely, still in their car seats.

Morgan grew up in the former St. Bernard housing development, blocks from where he was shot, and attended John F. Kennedy High School, which never reopened after Hurricane Katrina.

Rasheed, 28, said she had known Morgan since their school days, but they only started seeing each other in 2011. While Rasheed worked, Morgan took care of the pair’s twin boys, Cameron and Carter.

Rasheed said Morgan had a “great bond” with his children.

In the days since his death, she said, Cameron has been acting out. He seems to grasp that something is wrong.

Rasheed said she began to realize how hard it will be to take care of the twins by herself as she prepared them for a doctor’s visit Monday morning. Without Morgan to help, it was up to her to dress both of them alone.

Outside of caring for the children, Rasheed said, Morgan found odd work in construction.

Court records indicate that he had a criminal record that includes open charges of cocaine possession and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Detectives have not announced any suspects or a potential motive for the killing. Police Department spokesman Tyler Gamble said Monday that he had no updates to offer on the case.

Rasheed said she wants justice not only for her boyfriend but also for her children.

“That could have been a very tragic situation if he had not gotten out of that car,” she said. “I thank God for him for doing that. I love him for that.”

Homicide Detective Joe Jefferson is in charge of the investigation into Morgan’s death and can be reached at (504) 658-5300.