Cabrini High School lays wreath as part of feast day activities _lowres

Photo provided by Cabrini High School—Cabrini High School representatives prepare for Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini’s feast day Nov. 13 by laying a wreath at the base of her statue on Harrison Avenue in New Orleans. From left are Scarlett Scalise, Deborah Alvarenga, principal Yvonne Hrapmann and President Ardley Hanemann Jr.

Cabrini High School sent students and administrators to lay a wreath at the base of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini’s statue as the school began a weeklong commemoration of her feast day Nov. 13.

In 1949, an affiliate of the Knights of Columbus placed a statue of Mother Cabrini on Harrison Avenue’s neutral ground at the corner of Canal Boulevard. The city of New Orleans accepted the statue as a civic figure who had contributed to the welfare of the people of the city.

President Ardley Hanemann Jr., Principal Yvonne Hrapmann and seniors Scarlett Scalise and Deborah Alvarenga were present for the wreath-laying.

Throughout the week, the school honored Cabrini for her lifetime of service to others. America’s first citizen saint, Cabrini was responsible for the institution of 67 schools, orphanages, and hospitals during her lifetime, including the high school bearing her name in New Orleans. Today, more than 100 institutions bearing her name are serving women, children, immigrants and the needy on five continents.