Man booked for New Orleans East attempted murder; allegedly threatened to kill ex-girlfriend _lowres

Joseph Davis

A 30-year-old New Orleans man allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house in New Orleans East while she was asleep in bed and started strangling her as he threatened to kill her last month.

With three young children in the house, police said, the frightened victim was able to escape while Joseph Davis searched her kitchen for a knife. Davis eventually fled the woman’s house in the 4600 block of America Street, police said. He was booked on counts of home invasion and attempted murder Monday.

Davis and the woman, 29, had broken up seven months before the Oct. 1 incident, according to an arrest warrant written by Ofc. Travis Johnson.

Police said that as the victim slept in her house around 9 a.m., Joseph entered her bedroom and began pummeling the rear of her head and her back. He turned her over and began to strike her in the face, the woman told police, and then started to strangle her.

“B---- I’m going to kill you,” Davis told the woman, according to the warrant.

The woman said she was able to fight Davis off of her and run into her living room. She tried to leave the house through the front but Davis blocked her way and slammed the door on her, police said.

Davis then slammed a television set to the ground and started going through the kitchen drawers, the woman said. The woman told police that she believed he was looking for a knife to kill her with.

But with Davis distracted, the woman said, she was able to flee to a neighbor’s house for help. At that point Davis left.

The woman told police that she had ended her relationship with Davis because of his frequent assaults on her. She had moved to her new residence on America Street after the break-up, she said, but somehow he was able to find her there.

A judge set bond for Davis at $90,000 on Tuesday.