Report: Mayfield's jazz orchestra sets terms to repay $1M to charity a year after agreement _lowres

Irvin Mayfield (The Advocate)


One year after the jazz orchestra run by Grammy-winner Irvin Mayfield was ordered to return $1.03M to the city library support foundation, they have laid out plans to do so.

The foundation, on May 12, 2015, had agreed to "aggressively move forward" to repay the money, and terms of the payment structure were released today, according to a WWL-TV report.

$483,000 will be paid back in payments over the next five years, according to sources, and the remainder will be paid back as in-kind contributions resultant from events like fundraising concerts. Any balance remaining after five years would have to be paid in cash.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu's office, according to the report, said the proposed agreement would be reviewed in the coming weeks.

The payment agreement will likely bring to an end the saga between the city and Mayfield's orchestra, stemming from a 2015 report by WWLTV that uncovered payments Mayfield and his business partner directed from the library foundation. Landrieu later stated that the money should be returned if it was not used for libraries.

Despite protests by Mayfield's business associate Ronald Markham that the money was used in building the New Orleans Jazz market in Central City, the Jazz Orchestra's board of directors unanimously chose to repay the money.

Read the full WWL-TV report here.