Photos: Take a peek at what the Pussyfooters are all about _lowres

Photo provided by the Pussyfooters Marching Club - Pussyfooters represent a variety of professions, body types, ethnicities and ages. They are doctors, teachers, attorneys, artists, engineers, writers, accountants, entrepreneurs, mothers, aunties, sisters, wives, grandmothers and others who march with the motto: 'We are Majorettes from the Mothership sent here to help the party people get their groove on!' Shown are, front, Evanne Casson; middle from left, Yolanda Butler, Shannon Harris; and back, Deborah Theobald, Heather Brutz, Camille Baldassar and Christy Hackenberg.

The Pussyfooters are a ten-year old marching club with a service mission focused on empowering women. The group is 100+ members strong, all women over 30, who are featured performers in many parades, second lines, fundraisers and special events in the New Orleans area.