Audubon Charter School Academic Games team wins a national championship _lowres

In this photo of the national Propaganda champions from Audubon Charter School, Eli Zitler is in front. In the row behind him are Maxwell Hickman, Ava Wilkes, Patrick Keefe, Jack Creevy, Racahel Cannata and Derek Witzig. In the second full row are Sasha Wolfson, coach Flo Snow, Armand Duplantier and Sebastien Barrau.

The Academic Games team from Audubon Charter School placed first in Propaganda and third in Presidents during the four-day national Academic Games tournament in Atlanta. The team, representing the Orleans Parish Academic Games League, brought home gold and bronze Thinker awards.

The 10 members of the team competed in the Equations, Onsets, Propaganda and Presidents games. Individual standouts in Presidents were Eli Zitler, first, and Derek Witzig, sixth. Standouts in Propaganda were Rachel Cannata, second, and Eli Zitler and Ava Wilkes, ninth. The members of the team are Sebastain Barrau, Rachel Cannata, Jack Creevy, Armand Duplantier, Maxwell Hickman, Patrick Keefe, Ava Wilkes, Derek Witzig, Sasha Wolfson and Eli Zitler. Their coaches are Renee Gillen and Flo Snow.