Photo courtesy WWL-TV

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu insisted City Hall's priorities are in order during an interview with WWL-TV's Katie Moore on Thursday afternoon, dismissing perception that the removal of the city's Confederate-era monuments took away funds that could have been used to fix drainage issues amid recent flooding.

"The monuments issue is an emotional issue for everybody," Landrieu said during the interview. "You could use that argument about everything we've done, and people are going to continue to use it. I think that's a red herring."

Landrieu reiterated most of the money for the removal of the monuments was raised privately and that a majority of the public funds spent during the removals was "a consequence of how people acted and for the security we had to provide to make sure people stayed safe."

"I have spent very little time on the monuments personally, everyone else got apoplectic about it,"Landrieu said. "I spoke very forcefully to it, I think it was the right thing to do ... But it’s at the minimus amount in comparison to all the other things that we’re talking about ..."

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