Authorities said Wednesday they are investigating another episode of violence at Orleans Parish Prison involving an inmate who was assaulted and stabbed at the jail’s troubled Conchetta facility.

No inmates have been charged in the Oct. 15 attack, said Philip Stelly, an Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

He said the incident was “not terribly serious,” though one inmate went to the hospital with cuts before returning to the lockup the same day.

Details of the assault first emerged Wednesday in a daily log of major crimes reported by the New Orleans Police Department. The NOPD log, however, described the attack as occurring before 10 a.m. Tuesday, and it wasn’t clear why the law enforcement agencies reported conflicting dates.

The fight involved at least four inmates and was discovered by a deputy at the Conchetta facility on Tulane Avenue.

Dernell Jynes, 23, an inmate being held on possession of heroin charges, is accused of stabbing inmate Leonard L. LeBlanc, 43, “with an unknown object,” Stelly said.

LeBlanc suffered injuries to his head and was taken to Interim LSU Hospital, where his injuries “were determined to be superficial lacerations,” Stelly said. The NOPD log said Jynes stabbed the victim “several times.”

Inmates Dernell McGuffey, 28, and Cleveland Ross, 19, also were involved in the incident, Stelly said. The NOPD log said McGuffey also struck LeBlanc while Ross and a fourth inmate, 19-year-old Davell Jenkins, bent the victim over a table.

Stelly said the stabbing remains under investigation.

The attack highlighted the recurring violence at OPP that continues even as the Sheriff’s Office seeks to implement a sweeping, court-ordered plan for reforms. It recalled a similar June 4 attack at Conchetta in which three inmates were accused of attacking 16-year-old Joshua Brady.

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