New Orleans Junior Girl Scouts build kindness network with Recycle Joy _lowres

Members of Girl Scout Junior Troop 40398 prepare to encircle the Camp Street campus of the International School of Louisiana with a paper chain documenting random acts of kindness. From left are Jaid Cross, Harley Berry, Analia Reutter Maldonado, Anusha Rainey, Corinne Wilson, Sophia Nazar, Reese Wilson, Alexa Chepolis, Alandra Shipman, Claire Schmit, Alexandra Givens, Hanni Gerowin (with purple file), Eliza Baquet, Sofia Daigle and Zoe Carter.

Contributed photo from Girl Scout Junior Troop 40398

To earn their Girl Scout Bronze Award, the Junior Scouts of Troop 40398 at the Camp Street campus of the International School of Louisiana carried out a positive peer pressure project of their own invention called Recycle Joy.

The Recycle Joy project encourages people to take action to improve the world by being kinder to others, even strangers. Girl Scout Corinne Wilson developed a logo for the project.

The Scouts developed a skit demonstrating the transformative power of spreading joy and performed it for all of the school’s students over the course of a month. They collected strips of paper on which students wrote about random acts of kindness they had performed, and used the paper to create a chain with more than 1,900 good deeds that they wrapped around the school building on the last day of school.

The good deeds done included writing thank-you notes, taking in stray dogs, going to work on a day off to help a patient, sending notes to people who were sick, listening to people who need to talk, cutting neighbor’s grass, sharing, picking up litter, giving snacks to homeless people, helping without being asked, letting someone ahead in line or in traffic, paying compliments and praying for all mankind.

They also set up a website,, which tells about the project and allows people to participate by sending in their own good deeds. They received good deeds from as far away as France.

Participants in the Recycle Joy project were Alexis Alonso, Eliza Baquet, Harley Berry, Autumn Bridges, Zoe Carter, Alexa Chepolis, Jaid Cross, Jai’Lyn Cross, Sofia Daigle, Hanni Gerowin, Nadia Gilyot, Alexandra Givens, Analia Reutter Maldonado, Zoey Miller, Lola Mims, Sophia Nazar, Anusha Rainey, Claire Schmit, Harmony Schreefel, Alandra Shipman, Saige Smallwood, Corinne Wilson and Reese Wilson.