NEW ORLEANS —The ladies of the Krewe of Cleopatra presented their 40th annual Rendezvous Ball Masque for their guests Friday evening in the Grand Ball Room at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel. This year’s theme was “Cleopatra’s 40 Enchanting Years.”

The tableau began with the captain making a grand entrance leading the way for the royal court.

Jewel of the Nile Abigail Breland beautifully represented the past theme of “A Walk on the Wild Side” adorned in shades of green velvet, animal print and satin.

“A World of Fashion” was portrayed exquisitely by Jewel Christina Johnson, who wore a pink velvet dress with a sheer iridescent pink overlay which depicted Parisian couture.

Jewel of the Nile Wendy Nielsen wore a striking silver and black lace dress representing “Queens and Enchantresses.” Jewel Veronica Noble was depicted in traditional Carnival style in a dress of purple, green and gold velvet sparkling with rhinestones, masks and peacock feathers, showcasing the theme “Cleopatra Tips Her Hat to Mardi Gras.”

Her Royal Highness Malinda P. Bertrand, Queen Cleopatra XL, made a stunning entrance as she was introduced to her royal court and guests.

Bertrand wore an A-line gold dress of embroidered lace embellished with stones and flowing sleeves. A regal Cleopatra-style collar adorned her back. Her look was completed with the rhinestone encrusted Egyptian crown, crook and scepters.

Marshaled by their captain, the royal court presented their final Grand March, after which guests enjoyed an evening of dining and dancing to the music of Tricks.

Queen Cleopatra and her Jewels were wished a prosperous reign and all were invited to take to the streets of our magnificent city to be with them for their parade Jan. 25.

The parade will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will travel the traditional Uptown route.

The Krewe of Cleopatra is known for generosity with throws and will host many of the top local and out-of-town marching units.