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Housetraining a cat or rabbit is as simple as initially keeping the pet in a small room or a large wire kennel with a litter box. As soon as they realize there is a litter box, both cats and rabbits will readily use it. Puppies and dogs, however, are an entirely different matter.

Housetraining requires patience, plenty of commitment and, most importantly, consistency. The more consistency, the quicker they will learn.

A regular routine is crucial for dogs. They are creatures of habit and need the structure of knowing when it is time to eat, sleep, play and potty.

When housetraining a puppy, keep in mind that it can hold its bladder for about one hour for every month of age. So a 3-month-old puppy can only hold it for three hours. It will be necessary to let the puppy out during the day. Consider a pet sitter or daycare arrangement until the pup is old enough to hold it for a full work day.

It is important to take the puppy outside frequently, immediately when it wakes up, during and after playing and after eating and drinking. The spot where it goes is the spot it should be brought back to each time, so it gets the idea of why it is outside.

During training, bring the pup outside on a leash, and do not let it just be left to its own devices. Using a key phrase like “go potty” whenever it eliminates will help the puppy to connect the action with the command.

Housetraining is not just for puppies. The above information also works for adult dogs. Though they can hold it longer, it is recommended to wire-crate train or put the dog in a room like the kitchen or laundry room blocked by baby gates when no one is home.

Crate training is done with newspaper thick on the bottom of the wire kennel. Make sure to have a kennel big enough that the pet can stand up, turn around and have room to lay away from where he may potty. Dogs do not like to eliminate where they are confined but will do so if they have not learned to hold it yet.

Wire kennels should be kept inside in a climate controlled home, not in a garage or outside.

As soon as you get home, take the dog out on a leash. Praise it when it eliminates outside, and do not forget to associate this action with a phrase like “go potty.”

Being patient and consistent with a schedule are the keys to housetraining. All dogs can and will learn if given the proper training.

Use crate training for at least three or four weeks with a dog over a year of age. Puppies will take longer. When home, do not crate the dog; rather keep a watchful eye and look for cues that it needs to go outside. Remember: patience, commitment and, most importantly, consistency.


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