It was the night before Thanksgiving, and Lindsay Lohan’s stepmother was not in a traveling mood, according to a federal complaint filed against Kate Major-Lohan detailing the antics that led a JetBlue pilot to divert a cross-country flight to New Orleans.

Major-Lohan, wife of the often-troubled Hollywood actress’ father, Michael Lohan, was in seat 12F on Flight 101 Wednesday from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International, bound for Los Angeles.

She “immediately became disruptive” when asked to bring her seat back forward as the plane taxied for takeoff, FBI Special Agent Crystal Bender wrote in an affidavit backing the complaint.

A flight attendant cautioned Major-Lohan and gave her some water, but at 10,000 feet, a neighboring passenger began repeatedly pressing the flight-attendant call button.

“A witness advised that Lohan appeared to be intoxicated or possibly under the influence of an unknown substance. Lohan called the witness’ wife a ‘bitch’ and stated that she would ‘slit her throat,’ ” the affidavit states.

Other passengers chimed in over the alleged threats as well, so the captain moved Major-Lohan to first class, to keep an eye on her through closed-circuit TV from the cockpit.

Her status upgraded, she requested a glass of wine, which the flight attendant refused, Bender wrote.

Major-Lohan started cursing and “took photographs and videos of the flight attendant. The flight attendant continued to ask Lohan to calm down as they did not want to have to divert the flight on Thanksgiving,” Bender continued.

“Lohan then threw her cellular telephone at the flight attendant. The cellular telephone hit the aircraft wall, but ricocheted and hit the flight attendant. Lohan also threatened to stab the flight attendant.”

She then got up from her seat and headed for the flight attendant before another passenger “made her sit back down,” Bender wrote.

That’s when the captain diverted the flight to Louis Armstrong International Airport, “due to the threats and behavior of Mrs. Lohan.”

FBI agents and Jefferson Parish sheriff’s deputies arrested Major-Lohan after the landing, FBI spokesman Craig Betbeze confirmed.

The complaint charges Major-Lohan, 33, with a federal count of interfering with flight crew members and attendants. The charge carries a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

Flight 101 continued on without her, arriving in Los Angeles an hour and 14 minutes late.

Asked about Major-Lohan’s removal from the flight, first reported by The Associated Press, Lindsay Lohan’s spokeswoman, Kate Driver, told the AP in an email, “We don’t comment on clients’ personal lives.”

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