Allison P. Muller, the daughter of Craig and Darla Muller, of Metairie, was the valedictorian, and Jennifer G. Campbell, the daughter of Stephen and Maria Campbell, of Jefferson, was the salutatorian when Archbishop Chapelle High School held its 2014 graduation exercises May 23 at Saenger Theatre in New Orleans.

Muller was a summa cum laude graduate with Gold Status Commendation for successfully completing a five-year honors curriculum. She was named Outstanding Math Student for the class of 2014 by achieving the highest overall average in math courses for four years. Muller will attend LSU, where she plans to major in psychology.

Campbell was a summa cum laude graduate with Gold Status Commendation for successfully completing a five-year honors curriculum. She was named Outstanding Science Student for the class of 2014 by achieving the highest overall average in science courses for four years. She will attend LSU, where she plans to major in preveterinary medicine.

During the Baccalaureate Mass on May 22, Kateri C. Leonard was recognized as the Archbishop Chapelle High School Outstanding Catholic Student of the Year for the class of 2014. This award recognizes a senior for her moral and ethical behavior based on Christ’s teachings; character and attitude that reflect Catholic principles; concern for the Chapelle community and daily life on campus; and involvement in her church parish as well as service to the community.

Principal John Serio conferred diplomas on 162 seniors during the commencement ceremony May 23. He made a special presentation to the students who received the highest overall averages for four years in each academic discipline. Those students were: Amy T. Nguyen, art; Gabrielle C. Thorsen, English; Taylor A. Fisette, foreign language; Muller, math; Jessica R. Messina, music; Jazmín A. Gutiérrez, religion; Campbell, science; and Kobi E. Cameron, social studies. An award was given to the student-athlete with the highest academic average over four years, Kristi E. Joseph.

Graduating magna cum laude:

Kobi E. Cameron, Molly M. Espenan, Ashley M. Fisette, Taylor A. Fisette and Alexandria M. Spizale.

Graduating cum laude:

Brandy R. Adolph, Lauren E. Alonzo, Amanda P. Bellocq, Rachael M. Beyer, Lauren E. Bujard, Madeline A. Butler, Stacey C. Cambre, Kayla V. Carstens, Courtney E. Cash, Andrea L. Castro, Melissa F. Chadborn, Kelly C. Chaplain, Dalhia A. Chokr, Hannah A. Clotiaux, Giavanna M. DeVille, Taylor M. Dubroc, Ashley E. Ducote, Jessica A. Dunn, Kayla M. Filostrat, Stacey E. Gardner, D’Anna T. Geis, Jazmín A. Gutiérrez, Jessica A. Hayden, Brittany V. Hinkel, Kaelyn M. Hoffmann, Madeleine T. Hughes, Kaitlyn O. Hughes, Alexandra M. Hunt, Kristi E. Joseph, Deanne M. Lamartiniere, Victoria M. LeBlanc, Veronica M. LeBourgeois, Allison A. Ledet, Angela M. Lehrmann, Lea O. Leone, Valerie E. Lopez, Ashleigh L. Madron, Jessica A. Mandella, Roxana M. Marin, Jessica R. Messina, Madalyn G. Montgomery, Jessica A. Moreau, Molly M. Mulhern, Joy A. Netzhammer, Amy T. Nguyen, Brittany R. Philibert, Hailey E. Prattini, Kailey E. Reinoso, Gina M. Santora, Suzanne M. Seoane, Madison C. Silva, Victoria E. Simmons, Kelsey M. Singletary, Mary E. Snakenberg, Jessica L. Stevens, Gabrielle C. Thorsen, Molly G. Threeton, Rachel R. Timphony, Janae A. Torrence, Jessica M. Usand, Julianna A. Wagoner, Caitlin L. Walpole, Meredith N. Weigand, Sidney M. West, Kirby L. Williams and Rachel M. Winter.

Other graduates:

Alexa Rachal Accardo, Analiese C. Arcemont, Elizabeth M. Beauchamp, Madeline T. Bernard, Eileen E. Bertot, Gabrielle N. Bondio, Emilee A. Bonura, Erin A. Bourgeois, Shae D. Breazeale, Eva L. Burch, Emilie L. Conzelman, Kiersten G. Cortes, Brigette M. Crovetto, Allie A. D’Anna, Randi M. De’Armitt, Malleri R. DeLaCerda, Brittany L. Depolitte, Brooke E. Desroche, Courtney M. Durham, Haili J. Edrington, Reneé E. Eppling, Kimberly E. Ezell, Julia M. Frederiksen, Marie E. Gambina, Gabrielle L. Gardner, Rebecca C. Gelpi, Kristin M. Gregoire, Rachel A. Hall, Vanessa M. Hanon, Shelby C. Harper, Olivia A. Hartdegen, Lauren E. Hebert, Victoria R. Hingle, Shelby E. Hoerner, Chelsea M. Jackson, Katherine E. Johnson, Katherine A. Keller, Anna M. Kitchen, Taylor V. Kleinschmidt, Alexis N. LaVenia, Abigail A. Lavigne, Chloe A. Lemoine, Kateri C. Leonard, Alexandra G. Levi, Kayla A. Lewis, Caroline E. Lipscomb, Alysia D. Lopez, Tala N. Maalouli, Breann R. Matherne, Madison R. Matherne, Jordan E. McNally, Lauren A. McRae, Janiel Medal, Kaitlyn M. Mele, Carli A. Michel, Victoria A. Miller, Billie A. Morrow, Marcelle A. Moskau, Alexandra M. Muhleisen, Crystal Naoum, Anjoné M. Neapollioun, Brinley A. Newburn, Brooke C. Nyein, Shannon M. O’Malley, Alexis R. Panquerne, Brooke E. Poirrier, Brandi M. Rambeau, Emily L. Ritzmann, Natalie A. Romano, Natalie M. Romero, Erica E. Saling, Megan L. Sanders, Ashley M. Scaffidi, Rachel L. Schneider, Katherine E. Schroeder, Tori L. Scott, Allison R. Seidel, Rikki T. Shall, Heather E. Siegle, Taylor S. Slade, Abagayle R. Spear, Caroline R. St. Amant, Savannah L. Swain, Abigail E. Tamberella, Kasey A. Tilly, Chanel L. Toppino, Mai A. Toyonishi, Kailyn E. Verdin and Courtney R. Wadenpfuhl.