Euric Cain is competent to stand trial in the November shooting of Tulane Medical School student Peter Gold in the Lower Garden District plus a series of armed robberies, kidnappings and rapes, a judge ruled Thursday.

Criminal District Court Judge Robin Pittman made her ruling following testimony from a forensic psychologist, Rafael Salcedo, who described Cain, 21, as “polite and soft-spoken” during a brief meeting.

Cain was unfamiliar with the term “jury” and complained of hearing voices but showed no other symptoms of a psychiatric disorder, Salcedo testified.

“It rarely occurs alone, separate from other symptoms,” Salcedo said of Cain’s purported auditory hallucinations. “Anybody can say, ‘I hear voices.’ ”

Cain’s attorney, Brian Woods, requested the competency hearing for his client, who is being held in lieu of $11.75 million bail for what authorities describe as a campaign of rape and other violence.

Cain faces six counts of aggravated rape, a crime that carries a mandatory life prison term upon conviction. They are among the 19 counts in an indictment that also includes three counts each of aggravated kidnapping and armed robbery with a firearm, two counts of carjacking and one count each of attempted rape and attempted murder.

Police said Gold, a fourth-year medical student, was trying to stop an apparent abduction when he was shot in the Lower Garden District on Nov. 20. Video shows a man trying repeatedly to shoot Gold in the head, but the gun malfunctions each time. He managed to shoot Gold in the stomach instead.

Cain also is accused, among other crimes, of abducting, robbing and raping a couple at gunpoint in the Desire area.

His girlfriend, 18-year-old Nictoria Washington, faces four accessory counts, including a charge of being an accessory to murder. She is being held on $400,000 bail.